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June 25, 2013


I was looking through several tile images to find the perfect photo for our upcoming Home & Design Magazine AD. I was catching up on new product from one of my favorite brands, New Ravenna, where I came across a golden yellow glass waterjet mosaic (Fiona Jewel Glass Shown Below). This mosaic would really brighten up a bathroom and I realized it fits perfect with Lemon Zest from Pantone's 2013 'Fashion Color Report' . So I got to thinking it would be neat to find a tile option that compliments each 'in fashion' Pantone color. So, here's my shot at it!

What are your favorite Pantone's? My favorites are Dusk Blue, Grayed Jade, and Lemon Zest.

Lemon Zest Pantone - Fiona Jewel Glass Waterjet

Fiona Jewel Glass Mosaic

Grayed Jade Pantone - Miraflores Medina Stone Mosaic

Grayed Jade

Tender Shoots Pantone - Debris Series Paseo Spruce Gloss (DeWitt Architects and Twist Tours Photography)

Debris Series, DeWitt Architects, Paseo, Spruce, Twist Tours Photography

Dusk Blue Pantone - Lantern Ceramic Tile

dusk blue

Poppy Red Pantone - Red Ceramic Accent Wall Tile installed & designed by Vallefuoco Contractors

red accent wall

Linen Pantone - Chic Stone Wind Porcelain Tile

wind 12x24

Monaco Blue Pantone - Delft Chinoiserie hand cut Jewel Glass Mosaic

monaco blue 2

Nectarine Pantone - Calypso Concrete Tile


African Violet Pantone - Charisma Cobblestone Mosaic with Romance Field Tile, Ripple Mosaic Border, and Prisim Field Mosaic


Save the best for last because Emerald is the 2013 color of the year :)

emerald banner

Emerald Pantone - Tozen Strontium Natural


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