Designing for Fun :)

Recently we got so close to buying a foreclosed home that was a MAJOR fixer upper. We ended up backing out of the contract after the inspection because the entire crawl space was rotted, so it was more than just a remodel...the structure of the home would have needed to be replaced. But through the process, I had a great time designing the kitchen and bathrooms! I'm still hoping to use these designs when we do find the right fixer upper. For the master bathroom, this is what I had planned. The floors would be classic Calacatta Gold (italian marble) in a trendy 1x4 Herringbone pattern. I love the concept of the open-shower concept in which you don't need a shower door (shown below). This can be done when you use a linear drain and slope the floor away from the shower entrance. Our glass shower door builds up water marks so quickly, that the idea of having as little glass as possible is ideal.
1x4 calacatta herringbone 1x4" Herringbone Calacatta Gold Mosaic
linear drain with slope floor Linear Drain with Open-Shower Concept
For the walls, I wanted to do just a simple 3x6 ceramic tile with a chunky base.
4x8 wall tile 4x8 Glossy Ceramic Wall Tile
base board 6x6 Glossy Ceramic Baseboard
Ovals r2 Brocade Ovals Calacatta Gold + Cliff Glass
For the niche, I put our new stock Brocade Ovals with Calacatta Gold marble and Cliff Glossy glass. I like the idea of doing an oversize niche like the photo below to really see the waterjet mosaic pattern. It also helps tie in the marble on the floor with the ceramic walls. nicheBelow is an installation image which shows nicely the concept of a marble mosaic floor with a ceramic wall tile. Love it! Sometimes doing marble on the floors and walls can be very pricey and too much for simple bathroom.
vanity with hardware Home Decorators Montaigne Vanity
marble floors ceramic walls Marble Floors with Ceramic Wall Tile
I also found a wonderful cottage style vanity from Home Decorators. All you have to do is install some mock hardware on the front. That completes the master bathroom. What do you think? I will share with you my future kitchen design in the next blog post, so stay tuned!

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