Family Fourth

July 04, 2013

Today is one of my favorite holidays because Jason and I used to celebrate it as our 6-month anniversary when we first started dating. I know, that's silly! I'm ALSO thankful for this day because we get to celebrate our independence and thank those who serve in protecting our freedom. I had an elementary school teacher that I still remember, Ms. Pretzel (no joke), who's brother fought in the Vietnam War, so she would always play 'I'm Proud to be an American' all the time for the class. To this day its still one of my favorite songs, love it! Shout out to my high school girlfriends too because we used to sing this song all the time. We used to throw our right arm up during the 'stand up' part...haha. So, what are you guys doing today to celebrate?? I just got back from the pool with Anna (sister), Sydney (neice), Mrs. Whys (Mimi), and Ben. We had a great time trying to teach the kids to swim...they're not quite there yet :) I sported Ben in red / white / blue before I laid him down for a nap. Later today we're going to grill out at our house with the same group and my sister Dianna. If the kids are still going strong, we'll check out an event in the area with music & activities, then fireworks if we're lucky! I can't get him to pose for photos, any advice? ben Okay, so what you all were waiting for, some patriotic tile favorites! fireclay Sneak peak at my new tiled patio! On Square Cemento 24x24 Tile. More details to come soon.

photo 11

Fun blue backsplash from one of our vendors (Fire Clay Tile):

backsplashRed (Orange) / White / Blue Clouds!

NewRavenna_ErinAdamsClouds- Jewel

Share your favorite red / white / blue tile...

Happy 4th!

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