Fashion + Tile = A Love Story

Fashion + Tile = A Love Story - Architessa

There is no denying that we spend A LOT of time looking at (and obsessing over) fresh and innovative tile. It is natural for us to constantly be on the lookout for the next trend in interior design which is why we are excited that September has finally arrived. Why, you ask? September is huge for fashion junkies, and interior finishes are heavily influenced by what we are seeing on the runway.

This month we will be paying close attention to the big 4; New York, London, Milan, and Paris are all hosting the top designers and influencers in the fashion industry.

To get us all in the right mindset, we pulled some of the top trends for fall and related them to some of the tiles we are loving now.

Tartan & Tweed

Of the trends we are seeing now, this one is the most classic. Lots of suits, trench coats and dresses with a Scottish tartan flair, or made of textured woven tweed. This look makes us ready for the crisp air of fall when we get to layer thick, warm fabrics and pull on our best boots.

Images courtesy of Harpers Bazaar. Designer: #Prada
Images courtesy of Harpers Bazaar. Designer: #Lanvin

Our Soul Collection in Tartan Cold is exactly what we are thinking of when designing a space that feels clean and contemporary yet has a traditional twist. This porcelain tile collection offers a lot more than the Tartan pattern we show below. Soul has solid and textured field tiles, including a fun yet simple houndstooth, all done tastefully in a comfortable palette of taupe and gray.

Images of our Soul Collection in Tartan Cold, Porcelain 24”x24”

Feminine Floral

Floral, floral everywhere – and honestly, what’s not to love? We are seeing it as a stand-alone pattern or mixed with lace, animal print and the traditional tweeds we just highlighted. The lovely patterns are being placed on such feminine silhouettes, it makes us want to reach into the images and pull the outfits right out and into our closets. The colors feel fresh and are vibrant and eye-catching.

Images courtesy of Harpers Bazaar. Designer: #Prada
Images courtesy of Harpers Bazaar. Designer: #Rodarte

When we went to search for floral-inspired tile designs, we had plenty to select from. We decided on Sybil, a waterjet stone mosaic designed and manufactured in Virginia by New Ravenna, which is, in fact, inspired by organic floral textiles of the 1920s. This pattern pairs beautifully with other patterns for a diverse eclectic look, or with a simple solid field tile to create a more contemporary feel. Great for floors or walls – this mosaic is sure to be a show stopper.

Image courtesy of New Ravenna. Sybil is shown here in stone: honed Basalto, Thassos, Snow White, Carrara and Iris glazed Basalto.

Primal Instincts

If you ask us, animal prints are always a good idea and this year they are in full force. The looks we are seeing include all species of animals – from classic leopard to more exotic reptilian. And some designers are even mixing the patterns, allowing them to work together yet standalone all at once creating an unforgettable ensemble.

Images courtesy of Harpers Bazaar.
Designer: #BottegaVeneta
Images courtesy of Harpers Bazaar.
Designer: #PacoRabanne

In our home, we can go as daring as we want, and the energetic animal patterns allow us to create spaces that are full of texture. We opted for a large format porcelain field tile that is reminiscent of crocodile skin. This low maintenance, durable tile adds depth and interest to the space. It will make your room as memorable as your outfit – in a good way.

Image of Enigma Pelle in Nero Cocco,
36”x36” porcelain field tile.

Bold Metallic

Possibly one of the hottest trends of the season, this look has sass, panache and a dash of glam. The metal tones we are seeing range from silvery to bronze, with rose golds still sticking around. The metallic fabrics are being paired with solids, lace, feathers and more and can be seen on anything from cocktail attire to blazers and accessories.

Images courtesy of Harpers Bazaar.
Designer: #MichaelKors
Images courtesy of Harpers Bazaar.
Designer: #SimoneRocha

It takes creativity and courage to wear such bold statement pieces, and the same goes for interiors. What to do if you love the look but are afraid to take the plunge? Introduce metallic tile in small accent areas, such as parts of a backsplash. Ready to go all-in? We are! Then opt for a full accent wall behind your standalone tub or go for the entire backsplash vs. a small accent area.

One of our newest metallic tile is from our WOW Metallic Edition series. The collection hosts a variety of shapes to choose, from convex rectangles to textured hexagons.

Images of our WOW Metallic Edition Series.
Top image showing PEAK M; Lower image showing WAVE CONTRACT.

With a dash of…. Neon?

We would be remiss if we didn’t mention the neon trend. Yes folks, neon. Although we offer some bright, vibrant glazes, nothing quite fits the bill like our Dazzle gout!

Laticrete SpectraLOCK Dazzle is a way to add some “cool” to your standard epoxy grouts. You can choose from a variety of colors, or one of our favorites, the Glow “Glow-In-The-Dark” enhancement! Great for walls and floors, all the Dazzle colors are a fun complement to any glass, porcelain or ceramic tile, giving it a desired “glitter” look.

Images courtesy of Harpers Bazaar.
Designer: #SaintLaurent
SpectraLOCK Dazzle Glow grout gives your space two distinct looks.
A great pick for a pool deck or mosaic!

Now we want to know, what trend are you excited to bring into your wardrobe?

Are you loving any of the products we highlighted today? We would love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have. Give us a call or come visit any of our 5 showrooms.

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Images courtesy of Harpers Bazaar:

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