Indonesian Inspiration: AC's Batik Collection

Indonesian Inspiration: AC's Batik Collection - Architessa

What do tiles and textiles have in common? Both begin their life cycles as natural elements. Both are flat surfaces waiting to be embellished. Both are used by interior designers and homeowners alike to decorate a space. See how Architectural Ceramics used Indonesian textiles to inspire one of our newest glass tile collections: Batik.

About Our Batik Collection

AC's Batik Collection, made of fused glass, has several features that make it a standout among other glass collections:
  • 6"x12" field tile
  • 2 patterns available in 3 colors, inspired by Indonesian textiles
  • glossy finish
  • an in-stock* item
  • nonporous, antimicrobial material
Download a data sheet here of our Batik Collection. *Please note that while we try to keep quantities readily available, depending on demand, Architectural Ceramics may not have all colors and sizes in stock at all times.

Our Inspiration

Floral, textural, unique -- The look and feel of our Batik Collection is inspired by Indonesian textiles. There are two types of textiles: Ikat and Batik. Both are named for the traditional methods used to create them.
A hand-drawn floral motif with wax on fabric; image via
Ikat textiles are woven fabrics, that use multi-color dyed threads to create their pattern <>. Batik textiles are dyed fabrics that use wax to create hand-drawn patterns. The wax acts as a separation so dyes applied to the fabric won't mix with one another. When the wax is later removed , it also leaves areas void of color <>.
A Batik printed textile, image via
Our Batik Collection mimics the unique painterly effect of traditional Batik textiles. Where the pattern varies slightly from one yard of fabric to the next, our 6"x12" glass tiles vary from one piece to the next. To achieve the look, the tile is made using a screen printed technique that results in a pollen-dusted effect.
Our Batik Collection, in the Floral pattern and Java color; image via
Whether opting for Hemp, Java or Indigo, the colors of our Batik Collection allow you to make a subtle or bold statement. Because the regional origins of Batik textiles are from central Java, our color name is fitting. Here, the Flora pattern in the warm Java color fits nicely into a neutral bathroom setting. It also works well with the warm wood-look porcelain.
Our Batik Collection, in the Tribe pattern and Indigo color; image via
For a bold blue hue, try either pattern in the Indigo color. Here, the Tribe pattern energizes the space. The tile stretches from wall to wall, doing double-duty as a backsplash behind the vanity and as an accent wall in the shower. For more shower accent wall ideas, read our blog entry: Making a Statement with Shower Accent Walls.

Care & Maintenance

There almost isn't any! As long as glass tile is installed correctly, it is a nonporous and antimicrobial material. Here are a few quick do's and don'ts when cleaning glass tile like our Batik Collection:
  • Do wipe the glass tile clean with a damp towel or sponge, using a neutral non-abrasive cleanser
  • Don't use scouring pads like a Brillo or steel wool, they will scratch the surface of the glass
  • Don't default to Windex because you're cleaning glass, if you have unsealed white grout, it may turn blue over time
For a more detailed blog post about glass tile, read our entry The Layman's Class on Glass: Design & Installation Tips for Glass Tile

A Simple Solution

Looking for coordinating tile to compliment our Batik Collection? Try looking to our Naturals Collection for a similar glass solution.
Our Naturals Collection, 6x12 glossy field in Cotton; image via Aidan Design
A simple and natural fit to our Batik Collection, our Naturals Collection provides a less is more approach. Here, AC's Naturals Collection in the 6"x12" field and the color Cotton, makes a simple statement. Local DC-metro area design firm, Aidan Design, allows for the backsplash to act as a seamless transition from horizontal to vertical surfaces. The monochromatic field tile could act as a complimentary tile to our patterned Batik Collection.
Three of eight color options from AC's Naturals Collection; image via
The Naturals Collection, is another fused glass, that like Batik, has neutral earthy tones. Three of the eight colors are shown here. If cotton fibers are used to weave intricate Indonesian ikat textiles, then our Cotton glass tile could weave together nicely with the Batik Collection for a modern and traditional glass installation. Available in 3"x6" and 6"x24" field tiles, our Naturals Collection modulates well with the 6"x12" Batik field tile. To see more of our Naturals Collection, visit the product page of our website, or read our blog entry, It's Only Natural: AC's Glass Tile Collection.

Passionate About Pattern

Are you curious to see what other textile-looking tile options AC offers? Try maximizing your pattern potential with collections like our Legend Collection, and embrace the textile trend in tile. If you love the print of our Tribe pattern, and want to indulge in your love for everything ikat, please do! Check out another new Architectural Ceramic's collection: Legend. It also features the popular ikat pattern that the design community is currently crushing on.
Our Legend Collection, featuring the Flagstaff pattern in tumbled Thassos, Bardiglio and Cavern marbles; image via
This natural stone collection features six distinctly different marble blends that create fabric-like patterns through hand-clipped mosaics. The Flagstaff pattern, shown here, uses tumbled Thassos, Bardiglio and Cavern marbles to create a stunning ikat pattern. A natural beauty, this special order mosaic is worth waiting for, given our 1-3 week lead time. To view the full Legend Collection, visit the product page of our website.

Bragging About Bethesda

While we're on this thread of thought about pattern, we should mention that our Architectural Ceramics showroom in Bethesda just underwent a renovation. We now have new floor patterns installed throughout the space, to help inspire your next tile project.
AC's newly renovated Bethesda Showroom; image via Vanessa Pereira
To see our Batik, Naturals, or Legend collections up close and personal, visit our Bethesda showroom at 6807 Wisconsin Ave. You won't be disappointed in the space's or staff's facility. For further questions about our Batik Collection, or to place a tile order, please contact Want weekly updates about Architectural Ceramics and our product lines? Join our newsletterhere.

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