Our Favorite Fall Tile Designs

Our Favorite Fall Tile Designs - Architessa

We are entering into a treasured season for many. The air feels crisp and clean, the temperature borders between a comfortable warmth and a glorious chilliness. The leaves are turning to vibrant shades of red and orange, evoking the Ansel Adams in us all. When else do we feel the need to pull over every few minutes to snap a picture during our daily commute?

We wanted to revel in Autumn for a bit, asking our resident tile experts to share fall tile inspirations for you. After all, we’re a bunch of tile-obsessed designers.

Inspired by Tradition

Kate Valder, our contagiously happy and seriously talented Commercial Rep for the DC area, curated this contemporary take on the Tartan, below. Simple and clean, yet bold and fun, we adore her selections.

What Kate loves about Fall?

“What is Fall to me? Fall is being outdoors with friends and family, enjoying the blue skies and puffy white clouds at one of Virginia’s beautiful wineries, sipping on red wine and eating every cider doughnut I can find!! 😉”

Product pictured above: 1. Our stock wood-look porcelainCopper Rowe, in Tronco Natural; 2.Ka-nū mosaic, in Buoy shape, Harbor Blue; 3.Stellar handmade ceramic, Radicchio colored glaze; 4.Stellar handmade ceramic, Spice Market colored glaze; 5.Euphoria handmade ceramic, in Mystic shape, Ruby Sky colored glaze; 6.Namibia mosaic, in Crescent shape, White Sand; 7. Our stock fabric-look porcelainSoul / Vision, in Tartan Cold Matte.

Warm & Inviting

Kylee Chatham, recently selected as one of NKBA’s Thirty Under 30 awarded professionals for 2020, wanted tiles that evoke feelings of nature with earthy textures and warm color palettes. She’s inspired by moody September night storms, mesmerizing harvest moons, and comforting autumn campfires.

Kylee looks forward to Fall mostly for “The scents! I love vanilla, cinnamon, apple cider, and pine!”

Product pictured above: 1. Silver Wave Marble stone field tile; 2. Our stock porcelain field tileChronicle, Hexagon shape, Grigio; 3.Metallic glazes on handmade ceramic field tile; 4. Stone mosaic Triangolo in a blend of six stones; 5.Masouda shape, handmade ceramic, in Vanilla glaze
Product pictured above: 1.Arabesco shape, handmade ceramic in a metallic gold finish; 2.Euphoria handmade ceramic, Ruby Sky Luster glaze; 3. Our stock porcelain field tileChronicle, Hexagon shape, Grigio; 4.Onyx natural stone field tile

A Few Handmade Beauties

Loren Tomas and Christy Scaljon Larkin are the ladies behind many of our irrestible mood boards. They LOVE to design with tile so much they submitted not one, but THREE Fall inspired tile pairings for us to enjoy!

And what do these two creators love about the Fall?

Loren: “Crisp weather, the seasonal coffees, and all the fun outdoor adventures with friends and family!”

Christy: “Fall festivals, apple cider, and cuddling with my cats under cozy blankets.”

Product pictured above: 1. Our stock cement-look porcelainOn Square, in Lavagna Natural; 2.Stellar handmade ceramic, in Picket Fence Bevel shape, Queen Bee crackle glaze
Product pictured above: 1. Textured stone field, Pannelli Grey Foussana; 2.FEZ, Mustard color in both matte and glossy finishes; 3.Stellar handmade ceramic, Delancey shape, Radicchio crackle glaze
Product pictured above: 1. Primal Collection wall ceramic, in Teju Moss; 2.Scraffito handmade ceramic field, Thyme poly glaze; 3. Our stock porcelain brick field tileAtomic, Iron glaze color; 4.Brownstone handmade ceramic, La Fan shape, Gloss White glaze

Loving the Linear

Desiree McCrorey, one of our residential designers, is so warm and positive we love being in her presence. Her personality and timeless design aesthetic keep her Bethesda clients coming back to see her, time and time again. Attractive geometrics and linear elements in a soothing palette of taupes and browns are what we enjoy about her fall-inspired tile grouping.

What does Desiree look forward to this season?

“Taking a scenic walk in a park admiring the beautifully rich colors of the leaves on the trees. The air smelling of cinnamon and nutmeg, and don’t forget the pumpkin spice lattes 😉 Mmm-mmm! It’s the perfect time of the year! Oh! And who doesn’t love roasted pumpkins seeds?”

Product pictured above: 1. Wood mosaicArras Marrom; 2.HandmadeTextured field tile, in texture N, Hex shape, Watercolor W55 glaze; 3.Stellar handmade ceramic, Hermes crackle glaze; 4.Agate glass mosaic, 1x4, Bassano Pearl; 5. Our stock porcelain field tileCentury Wood in Essenze Tangram; 6.Newman stone mosaic, in Horizon, honed

Industrial Rock

An interior designer with a ton of firm experience, Phil Purgason, our Commercial Rep for southern Virginia and parts of the Carolinas, is quiet and unassuming, yet loud with design – in a good way. He knows his stuff and isn’t afraid to tackle any project. Phil is our go-to when it comes to sustainable design thanks to his constant thirst for learning what’s new in the industry.

Fall for Phil? For him, it’s all about…

“Warm apple cider donuts!” Yum. But more importantly, we love what he said next: “Design is cyclical just like the seasons. They both provide new perspectives, opportunities, and emotions. For me, Fall is like your 40’s – there are no apologies, only acceptance and a comfort that welcomes you home.”

Product pictured above: 1. Our stock ceramicDiesel Industrial Glass wall tile, White; 2. Our stock porcelain brick field tileAtomic, Iron glaze color; 3.Art House Reloaded large format porcelain field tile (approx..48”x94”), Fossil Brown Polished

Classic and Subtle

Kristen Howard and Yuvinka Deugarte, two of our Sr. Designers with over 36 years of combined experience(!), put together this classic mood board. For them, Fall is a comforting blend of warm bronzes, wood tones, saturated reds and greens, offset by the coolness of white and grey marble.

Now, what does Fall evoke in them?

Kristen: “I love the beautiful color of the trees, the fresh air when I step outside and breathe out a happy sigh. It’s my favorite season.”

Yuvinka: “The colors of the trees and changing leaves. The smell – smell of crisp air and wood burning. You know, the smell of Fall!”

Product pictured above: 1.Ceramic wall tile in Molten Bronze gloss; 2.Euphoria handmade ceramic, Spanish Eyes Luster glaze; 3.Euphoria handmade ceramic, Tapestry Luster glaze 4.Twill stone mosaic, Pacifica stone, polished; 5. Our stock Grey Chablis marble, honed

There are so many Fall festivities from which you can draw inspiration. We hope some of these Autumn tile mood boards have piqued your imagination!

Inspired by any of these tile selections? Reach out to our design team for more info:

Phil Purgason - Commercial A&D Sales,
Professional Development Director for the Virginia ASID Chapter

Desiree McCrorey - Senior Sales Design Consultant

Loren Tomas - Residential Territory Manager for Baltimore Territory

Christy Scaljon Larkin - Commercial Sales Partner for Baltimore Territory

Kristen Howard - Senior Sales Design Consultant

Kylee Chatham - Residential Outside Sales Rep.,
Interior Designer

Yuvinka DeUgarte - Senior Sales Design Consultant

Kate Valder - Commercial A&D Sales,
NEWH Washington DC Metro Executive Advisor

Our friendly, knowledgeable staff is always happy to help advise on tile design. Visit one of our DC, MD, or VA tile showrooms for a free tile design consultation.

Author Rachelle Bishop is Architectural Ceramics' corporate trainer and resident tile expert.

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