Surge: AC's Glass-Inspired Ceramic

Surge: AC's Glass-Inspired Ceramic - Architessa

During the month of March, we all feel a sudden surge run through our bodies, that sends us running to the party store for shamrock cut-outs, leprechaun hats and the like. So if you like St. Patrick's Day and the color green, then you're in luck with our Surge Collection. Check out Architectural Ceramic's Surge Collection, featuring a large-format ceramic tile, that mimics illuminated glass and includes bold electric colors too.

About Our Surge Collection

AC's Surge Collection, a large-format ceramic tile made to look like back-lit glass, has several features that make it a bright idea:
  • 8"x24" field tile
  • 5 colors, in bold and subtle hues
  • a glazed ceramic, glossy finish
  • an in-stock item*
  • stain resistant
  • rated for wall application only
Download a data sheet here of our Surge Collection. *Please note that while we try to keep quantities readily available, depending on demand, Architectural Ceramics may not have all colors and sizes in stock at all times.

A Glowing Review

AC's Surge Collection in the color Emerald; image via
With the look of back-lit glass, this large-format ceramic tile has us doing a double take. Each 8"x24" tile is glazed in a way that the color pools at the edges and varies slightly over the face of the tile. This effect makes the ceramic tile appear to be lit from behind. A bold and powerful color choice, this Emerald green tile will energize any residential or commercial setting.
AC's Surge Collection in the color Sand and Grey; image via
Even after using two of the more subtle colors from the collection, Sand and Grey, this kitchen is still amped up from boring to bold. The backsplash turns up the wow-factor by taking the tile up the wall from floor to ceiling. It's refreshing to see color in a space that could otherwise have been a monochromatic white-on-white design. Just as the collection's name suggests, this Surge tile gives a jolt of color to the space.

Care & Maintenance

There almost isn't any! As long as a glazed ceramic tile is installed correctly, it is a nonporous and stain resistant material. Here are a few quick do's and don'ts when cleaning glazed ceramic tile like our Surge Collection:
  • Do wipe the ceramic tile clean with a damp towel or sponge, using a mixture of mild soap and warm water
  • Don't use scouring pads like a Brillo or steel wool, they may scratch the surface of the tile
  • For a complete stain-free installation, consider sealing your cement grout. Better yet, use a stain resistant expoy grout like Spectralock

It's Not Easy Being Green

Using a bold color like Emerald from our Surge Collection is easy for some, but not easy for others. Here, we've put together a softer side of what Architectural Ceramics has to offer.

Tatami: Our Tatami Collection features marble mosaics with soft color and texture. One of those mosaic options, mixes in Ming Green marble. The result, is a subtle range of sage and celadon green tones.

AC's Tatami Collection; image via

Marakesh: Looking for just a splash of green in your tile design? Try our Marakesh Collection, an 8"x8" cement tile with a customizable color palette. Here, you have the option to add as much or as little green to the pattern as you want.

AC's Marakesh Collection, Pattern 1 in Colors 1000 & 2000; image via

Want to learn more about cement tile? Read our blog entry Cementing the Latest in Tile Trends: Cement Tile.

Perfect Pebble: Nature is always full of the color green, like a forest full of trees. But what about the river that runs through it? If it's the Chicago River, it's green for St. Patrick's Day. Our Pebble Collection brings a bit of the outside world in as an interlocking meshed mosaic.

AC's Perfect Pebble; image via

To see how this Java Grey blend pebble mosaic was used on a fireplace, visit our blog entry Keeping Warm with Fireplace Tile.

Tozen: What's greener than recycled glass? Our Tozen Collection features a 1"x4" staggered brick mosaic in two finishes and 17 different color options. If you like the color green, then you'll like the color Strontium, because it is a mix of dark and light green tones.

AC's Tozen Collection in the color Strontium; image via

For more information about glass tile and how to install it, check out our blog entry The Layman's Class on Glass: Design & Installation Tips for Glass Tile

To see more featured tile product that includes a green color option, browse our website by setting the Color Filter to Green. Or, to explore Architectural Ceramic's full offering of in-stock and special order tile in ceramic, glass and stone, visit one of our DC-metro area showroom locations. For further questions about our Surge Collection, or to place a tile order, please contact Want weekly updates about Architectural Ceramics and our product lines? Join our newsletterhere.

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