Switching Gears: AC's Mosaic Tile Collection

Switching Gears: AC's Mosaic Tile Collection - Architessa

Summer is nearly over. As a result, families find themselves switching gears from vacation mode to getting back to the grind with school and work. While kids are stocking up on school supplies, adults are taking stock of their upcoming projects for the second half of the year. Let's take a look at one of Architectural Ceramic's own in-stock products: Gears. We hope this industrial-looking water-jet mosaic gets you thinking of installing it in your own home.

About Our Gears Collection

Photo: AC's Gears Collection, available in three main options: a honed marble or two matte porcelains
AC’s Gears Collection, offered as a marble or porcelain water-jet mosaic, has several features that will turn your tile project into a unique one:
  • interlocking 12x12 sheet
  • mesh-mounted backing
  • neutral honed marble
  • matte metallic-like porcelains
  • an in-stock item*
*Please note that while we try to keep quantities readily available, depending on demand, Architectural Ceramics may not have all colors and sizes in stock at all times. The inspiration for the Gears Collection, comes from one of AC's own family members and CEO, Betty Sullivan. Larry Sullivan, started Architectural Ceramics in 1985, and over time the family-owned and operated company has grown in capability and capacity. The husband and wife team have talked tile in the conference room of the Rockville Headquarters, and at the dinner table of their own home. Over the past thirty years, Betty has seen trends come and go, but it's with the industrial interior design trend, that Gears chimes in nicely. "I wanted something that went with all the new industrial looks," Sullivan says of the collection, "and thought of an old-fashioned clock like those found in old churches in Europe." Even though the Gears Collection does keep time with modern trends, "it's a timeless look," Sullivan puns of her inspiration.
"I wanted something that went with all the new industrial looks, and thought of an old-fashioned clock, like those found in old churches in Europe." -- Betty Sullivan, Architectural Ceramic's CEO

Grouting & Installation

Our Gears mosaic is unique in that the grout becomes a large part of the design. A graphic designer might compare the open space and grout allowance in this mosaic, to white space around a logo or page layout they are designing.
Photo: AC's Gears Collection, featuring SpectraLOCK Dusty Grey grout, enhanced with SpectraLOCK Silver Dazzle
Here, Architectural Ceramics has used SpectraLOCK Dusty Grey grout, that has been enhanced with SpectraLOCK Silver Dazzle. This type of grout, unlike most sanded cement grouts, is an epoxy resin that offers color uniformity, durability and stain resistance. To get into the nitty-gritty of how to install the Gears Collection , please reference page 8 of our Data Sheet here. This well-detailed and illustrated guide will help ensure a successful installation for you or your installer.

Care & Maintenance

For the porcelain variety, there almost isn’t any! However, for the slightly higher maintenance marble, it takes a bit of routine care. As long as either the porcelain or marble mosaics are installed correctly, the completed project's mosaic and grout should last you years to come. Here are a few quick do’s and don’ts when caring for or cleaning our Gears Collection:
  • Do wipe the marble mosaic clean with a damp towel or sponge, using a neutral non-abrasive cleanser
  • Avoid hash scouring pads like a Brillo or steel wool, they will scratch the surface of the marble
  • Seal the marble once a year, with a water-based sealant to protect against stains
  • If using SpectraLOCK epoxy grout, it's already stain resistant!

Coordinating Products

If you love the white and grey marble from our Gears Collection, then check out another AC in-stock option: our Bianco Venatino Collection. This marble collection offers a selection of stone field tiles with carefully curated mosaics and trims, in either a polished or honed finish.
Photo: AC's Bianco Venatino Collection, featuring the 12x12 field
Here, Architectural Ceramic's Bianco Venatino Collection was used for a bathroom project. The 12x12 honed field tile flows nicely from the shower wall to the bathroom floor. Using the same size tile throughout the space leaves the space feeling calm and classic.
Photo: AC's Gears Collection, in the Bianco Venatino honed marble finish
People often say they do their best thinking in the shower. The only thing missing above is the Gears marble mosaic in the back of a shower niche. As we wrap up this post, can we hear your gears turning about our Gears or Bianco Venatino Collections? To see more from our Bianco Venatino Collection, visit the product page here. For further questions about our Gears Collection, or to place a tile order, please contact Want weekly updates about Architectural Ceramics and our product lines? Join our newsletterhere.

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