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The deadline is here. We're all holding our wallets and our breath in anticipation of (cue the diabolical laugh) Tax Day. We all know that preparing and filing taxes is taxing. So take a break from crunching the numbers, and take a look at a few tile examples from Architectural Ceramics that have cash in mind. We're hoping you'll file one or two ideas away to use on a tile renovation after a tax refund comes your way.

Pinching Your Pennies

It goes without saying, when we thinking of tile that reminds us of money, penny round tile is the first thing that comes to mind. Since we're on the heels of our March Madness: ACI's Final Four Tile Matchups blog, let's round out a list in the same main tile types: porcelain, ceramic, glass and natural stone.

Porcelain:This hard-wearing glazed porcelain tile from our Kiln & Penny Collection is a stoneware tile made to look like ceramic. Shown above, the penny round mosaic in the Petrolio color is on trend with its dark green-blue hue. To learn more about the collection, download a Data Sheet here.

Ceramic:OK, you caught us. Our Monroe Collection isn't a ceramic, but a porcelain that looks like one. We're excited to introduce this collection because of its wide range of classic and geometric mosaics. Of course, in fitting with the theme, a penny round mosaic is an option.

To check out the full collection, download a Data Sheet here. To learn more about the shapes featured above, read our blog entry Getting in Shape: The Skinny on Tile Shapes & Patterns.

Glass:Our Tozen Collection features several glass mosaic patterns and colors. The penny round tile shown above is in a matte finish and the color Copper. Get it? This colorway features a range of earth tones adaptable to a range of design schemes. To view the entire collection, download the Data Sheet here.

Natural Stone:A variation on the penny round theme, the Effervescence Collection plays with multiple sizes of circles. From a dime-sized circle to that of a Sacagawea golden dollar coin, these varying circles in Calacatta Gold marble show off the range typical of this stone's cream, beige and grey well.

Nickel & Dimed

Penny, nickel, dime, quarter -- Coins minted in the U.S. are made of a variety of metals. Architectural Ceramics offers a variety of tile collections that feature metallics in some way. The list here just scratches the surface. To explore more metallic tile, speak with one of our design associates in one of our five DC-metro area showroom locations.

Diesel Stage:New York City. It's known for being tough. The same can be said of our Diesel Stage Collection. This large format 12"x24" rectified porcelain is made to look like metal. The Boss finish, for example, reminds us of an anti-slip texture used on performance stages or on the floors of containers that transport instruments to NYC jazz venues. No matter the inspiration, this collection will give your tile project an industrial edge. To view more from the collection, download the Data Sheet here.

Basel:For some of us, we file our taxes as 'Married: Filing Jointly'. Here, the Basel Collection features brass and cement in a perfect marriage. The combination is not only new for our Tabarka vendor, but stunning.

Metallics:Another porcelain collection made to look like sheet metal, our Metallics Collection, gives an oxidized appearance in the Native Rock Brown color. To view more color options and sizes, download our Data Sheet here.

The Look for Less

Did you owe more on your taxes than you expected? Do you love the look of marble or natural stone but now, can't stomach the splurge? Then consider a porcelain tile that looks like marble instead. You get the look of natural stone without the high price or maintenance. Here, Architectural Ceramics highlights a few marble-look porcelains. To browse more results however, visit our Product Search after using the Porcelain and Marble-Look or Limestone-Look filters on our website.

Charme:We all know the adage, "find a penny pick it up, every day you'll have good luck." With our Charme Collection, you're in luck because it's a porcelain collection that emulates the look of four well-known and recognizable natural stones: Calacatta Gold marble, Statuary marble, grey limestone, and Emperador Dark marble.

The names in the collection have changed slightly from their natural stone counterparts. But the look of these porcelains still have us fooled and give natural stone a run for its money.

The Graphite Dark, shown on the floor and fireplace in the living room photo above, looks like grey limestone. The subtle white veining ties together nicely with the white windows and trim. The pop of pink from the upholstered chairs and flamingo artwork adds the right amount of femininity to an otherwise masculine space.

To see more size and mosaic options from the Charme Collection, download a Data Sheet here.

Coach:With our Coach Collection, you get the best of both worlds. This collection looks like Calacatta Gold marble but performs like a porcelain. Available in two field sizes and two mosaic blends, the collection is adaptable for multiple installation applications.

In the kitchen design shown above, the larger 12"x24" field tile was used on the floor and the herringbone mosaic was used on the backsplash. The warm grey veining in both bridge the gap between the contrasting white cabinets and dark quartz counter tops.

To learn more, download the Coach Collection, Data Sheet here.

Milestone:Growing older brings with it milestones throughout the years: learning to walk and talk, the first day of kindergarten, the first day of college, a paycheck from your first job, and paying taxes for the first time. The lesson here, don't grow's a trap.

We may have left a few gaps in the timeline, but with our Milestone Collection, you'll have a solid start to a great tile renovation. This color-bodied porcelain is available in four color options that all emulate the look of limestone. The subtle pattern change and veining enhance the natural look and work well in contemporary or traditional settings.

Pictured above, the Milestone 12"x24" field tile in the color West Black was used on the floors of the contemporary and open floor plan space. Below, a bathroom with a view blends a contemporary and traditional style. The minimal design would be cold if not for the warm tones of the porcelain tile in the color East Beige. And the basketweave mosaic nods to a traditional and timeless pattern.

To view the full Milestone Collection, download a Data Sheet here.

Going Green

According to the Bureau of Engraving and Printing, a U.S. dollar bill is made up of 75% cotton and 25% linen. If we had a dollar for every tile color named Cotton or Linen, between our stock and special order tile collections, we'd be rich. And, if a dollar bill is like paper-thin green fabric, then these next tile collections fit the bill because of their fabric inspiration:

Batik:Our Batik Collection, inspired by hand-block printed Indonesian fabrics, brings together two worlds of comfort and modernity through back-painted glass tile. Because of painting technique used, each piece varies slightly from one another.

To learn more about our Batik Collection, download a Data Sheet here. Or visit our blog entry, Indonesian Inspiration: AC's Batik Collection.

Pietra Piasentina:Fabric and stone are both natural materials. One is made of natural fibers and the other is quarried from the earth. Here, our Pietra Piasentina Collection features a natural stone from Northern Italy with beautiful grey and white tones.

With four finish options, this stone is available (shown clockwise from left to right) in a scored, fabric, flamed (also pictured above), or honed texture. The fabric texture, reminds us of a pair of corduroy pants. It's back in style right?

Soul:As the color name suggests, this porcelain tile in the color White Cotton from our Soul Collection, highlights texture in a fabric-like glaze treatment. Shown above, the 12"x24" tile used on the wall behind the bathtub reminds us of grass cloth wallpaper. In the shower area, the coordinating Tartan plaid tile was used. To see other patterns and options from the collection, download a Data Sheet here.

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