Week of July 27th, 2020 - American Designers

Week of July 27th, 2020 - American Designers - Architessa

Top 5 Design Posts of the Week

As we close out July and welcome the familiar feel of August, it's important to reflect on the Summer and appreciate all that accompanies these hot and humid days. As Summer dwindles on, let's take a moment to honor our favorite designers hailing from the United States! Featuring some names and trends on the forefront of modern American design, as well as some unexpected ways to cut down your new commute time to the home-office, truly a new-age American trend. Take a look our top 5 design posts of the week below!

1. Lauren Liess

Designer Spotlight: Lauren Liess, AllSortsOf

The opening statement of AllSortOf’s article says it all: “Ladies and gentlemen, if you aren’t familiar with LAUREN LIESS, this is about to be your lucky day. Lauren is a mother of five, an INTERIOR DESIGNER, a two-time author (going on three), blogger, and the host of HGTV’s Best House On The Block with her husband. No big deal, right?” With a very full plate, Lauren Liess creates stunningly gorgeous designs with ease, combining elements of contemporary, rustic, modern – you name it, and she’s done it. She’s even done a special line for Architectural Ceramics, her Habitat Collection. Check out the conversation with Lauren in the reference above, and enjoy her stunning designs, even if it’s simply making one of her custom designs a computer background for a few days, it’ll be well-worth and sure to collect looks!

2. Ten American Interior Designers You Should Know

Top 10 American Interior Designers You Should Know, LuxDeco

LuxDeco’s Top Ten list of American Interior Designers fits wonderfully with our American Designers theme, and they provide a wide variety of designers who take interest in an array of styles and tastes. Offering a wide spectrum of inspirations for your next home design project, read all about Steven Gambrel and his studio that opened a mere 3 years after he graduated, or Barbara Barry, who is dubbed “the matriarch of American Interior Design”. Whatever your sense of style, there’s a designer to fall in love with that hails from America in this stunning display of inspiration photos, and designer tips and advice!

3. Top 10 Best Home Decorating Ideas

Interior Design Trends 2020: Top 10 Must See Home Decorating Ideas, Decorilla

Taking a break from the USA themed designer hunt, we examine at some classic home decoration tips. Featuring top 10 must-know design tips, take a look at their gallery for some inspiration for your next remodel! Featuring simple design tips such as implementing more curvy shapes, to some more complex ideas such as an introduction to Biophilic Design. Either way, there’s something for everyone to be inspired by in this gallery of must-have renovation ideas!

4. The New American Commute

Twelve back-garden offices for working from home, Dezeen

In the age of adaptation, our new commute to work in the post-peak-pandemic world might be looking a lot easier than in years past. A lot of employees, no matter the job title or position, are finding out just how productive they can be from their homes, joining the ever-growing network of remote workers and Zoom-Boomers. Dezeen dives into the future of the American workforce by showing us twelve unique and design-tasteful work from home spaces, designed to offer privacy and style. All twelve of these are stationed separate from the actual house, offering more of a sense of privacy and separating work from home-life, which is important for some. Take a look at these unique garden work-from-home spaces and get inspires for the future of a commute to work through your own backyard!

5. Darryl Carter

Darryl Carter

May we present a designer we will be taking many inspirations from after pouring over his work this week: Darryl Carter. His sense of modernity with a reserved style that’s not over-the-top or flashy perfectly encapsulates modern American Design. As someone who started as an attorney, renovating homes in his spare-time, to being one of the foremost interior designers in the country, there’s something to be said about his vision and drive for “combining highly classical with linear modern”. Take a look at his portfolio of projects, and don’t forget to check out his “DNA” tab, where he shares his own inspirations and images!

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