Week of October 19th, 2020 – Art & Innovation

Week of October 19th, 2020 – Art & Innovation - Architessa

Top 5 Design Posts of the Week

October 25th marks National Art Day, an occasion to share some appreciation for the unsung heroes of design inspiration. Artistic expression can be traced back to caveman drawings and hieroglyphics and has come a long way since then. Though not all art is for expressing one’s deepest inner thoughts, it all can be dissected and broken down to understand the reasonings and inspirations behind every piece. Feeling cultured yet? Here’s another fun fact about art that might blow your mind: The most expensive painting ever sold was the “Salvator Mundi” by Da Vinci, at a staggering $450 million, or the cost of around 10 Gulfstream G-450’s, dubbed “Hollywood’s Private Jet”. So next time you throw away that box of your children’s old artwork it might be wise to save some of the best works – you never know!

Paintings are just one aspect of the art realm, and art is a very subjective term to many. Sculptures, graffiti, paintings, fashion, and food can all be categorized as art depending on the beholder, among many other unique categories of “art”. To celebrate this day of appreciation, we’ve found 5 articles showcasing ways to incorporate more art into your surroundings.

1. Stunning Showcase of Art from the Archives

24 Elegant Art-Centric Rooms from the AD Archives, Architectural Digest

Starting things off with a stunning showcase from Architectural Digest, as they bring us their most impressive interiors, featuring contemporary and historic works by a multitude of artists. “Expect to find brilliant spaces like a monochrome room in a Manhattan brownstone that boasts a 1950s Picasso lithograph and a Beverly Hills home with a series of vibrant Andy Warhol portraits.” If that doesn’t get your inspiration flowing, we’re not sure what will. Other notable displays include an 18th-century grisaille painting hanging over a free-standing marble tub, each complementing the other with elegance and ease. Let us know your favorite display in the comments below and enjoy all 24 stunning art inspirations!

2. The Residence of an Artist

12 incredible artists’ homes you can visit, The Spaces

If you’re ever wondering where Georgia O’Keefe spent her days while creating endless paintings or where Jackson Pollock was able to enter the headspace required for imagining drip-paintings, you’re in the right place! Our second article takes us inside the lives of artists past and present, showcasing their residences and studios where they created their works. Spoiler alert, they’re not very residential in the sense of your typical home, but they provide these artists with the space and inspiration needed for their craft. Georgia O’Keefe’s might be our favorite, as she literally discovered the ruins of her home which was previously a 5,000 square foot Spanish-Era colonial compound in Albuquerque. She knew right away she had to have it as her home and spent 13 years acquiring and renovating the property before settling in for a lifetime. Let us know which space you’d see yourself occupying!

3. Home Art Studio Inspirations

30 Creative & Beautiful Home Art Studio Ideas, Decoist

Not everybody can afford or utilize a whole compound for living and creating art, as most artists work from their residence and create unique spaces for their passion. Decoist provides 30 home art studio ideas, featuring some creative and imaginative ways to utilize space. Shown above is “gentle shade of wood and vibrant red elements” to create a wonderful complementing color scheme in this studio. Other inspirations include a smaller studio seemingly in a busy residence corner with desks for working and creating. One that stands out is the barn studio with 2 yellow chairs as its minimalism is quite the opposite of the paintings being created in the picture. Have a cool home art studio or space you’ve been utilizing during quarantine? Let us know in the comments below, we’d love to hear about it!

4. Rhianna’s Favorite Contemporary Artist – Inside her Home

At Home with Rihanna’s Favorite Contemporary Artist, Architectural Digest

When it comes to designing an album cover, music artists know it’s the same as judging a book by its cover. When it came to her 2015 Album Anti, Rhianna turned to contemporary artist Roy Nachum, which became one of his most famous works to date. Here we get to take a glimpse at his stunning New York apartment and studio. Shown above is his living room, furnished almost entirely from Mercer Project. His own work, White Fire Paintings, hang just beyond, creating a unique sense of spacing and design. His kitchen features concrete accents to complement the marble-topped “sou sugi ban” island, all of course blending seamlessly to create a work of art in itself! Check out the tour in the link above and enjoy some design inspiration hailing from one of the best in the game.

5. Art Gallery Aesthetic Residence

SkB Architects imbues Washington residence with art gallery aesthetic, Dezeen

This family residence located in Seattle features a re-design by SkB Architects and turned this residence from zero to hero. Featuring dark colors and an “inward focus”, the previous residence was totally re-done and now showcases a white stucco exterior, large panel insert window to emphasize the axes through the house, and a gallery-like aesthetic to accommodate the owner’s art collection. The living room leads to a wonderful exterior area featuring a patio and pool terrace, and simple details such as a beeswax covered wall provide key features for this stunning home. The master bedroom also features floor-to-ceiling windows, offering views of the backyard and surrounding trees. Take the tour by scrolling through the pictures, and let us know which part of this home impressed you the most!

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