Week of July 20th, 2020 – Baseball & Americana

Week of July 20th, 2020 – Baseball & Americana - Architessa

Top 5 Design Posts of the Week

With the rise of our “new normal”, some things we remember may take on an unfamiliar spin. We might be explaining to our kids one day what the legend of a “buffet” was. But if there’s one thing people are adamant about continuing (with the proper precautions and safety measures of course), it’s professional sports. Considered America’s Pastime, baseball has been a staple of American history and entertainment since its widely debated introduction in 1846. Buy me some peanuts, cracker-jacks, and don’t hold back on stellar design with these Top 5 Posts of the Week – Americana and America’s Pastime Style!

1. At-Home Sports Themed Decorating

Glorious Game Nights: Best Sports-Themed Media Rooms and Home Theaters, Decoist

Bringing back Monday Night Football, an event half of American men claim is their favorite weekly holiday, might be a tougher challenge than anticipated due to health concerns. However, thanks to the internet and streaming services, we’ve found ourselves re-watching old games. The time has come to strap into your favorite chair and re-watch your favorite baseball game (which in our opinion should be the Washington Nationals winning the 2019 World Series in game 7). Whatever the team may be, check out some design tips on finally completing that media room of your dreams and gather some inspiration for the next sporting event to hit the television!

2. Sports Stadiums Design Highlights

The World’s 10 Best-Designed Sports Stadiums, DesignCurial

Hot dogs, peanuts, and loud beer salesmen are things everyone can agree make up an “authentic stadium experience”, especially when it comes to a baseball game. Taking a look at these 10 stunningly designed stadiums, you’d more expect to be served a 14-ounce filet with a side of capers and mashed potatoes. These stadiums aren’t only built to entertain the audience, they’re built for the highest level of athletic performance, and creating a venue where comfort and show intertwine seamlessly is a tough task. Check out these awesome stadium designs and maybe plan a trip to go see one this Summer!

3. The New Way to Watch in Style – In Person

Design/buildLab Completes a Prefabricated Baseball Pavilion in Virginia, Designboom

Say goodbye to the uncomfortable stadium chair with the broken cup-holder you’ve been using since your child was born and say hello to a luxurious way to enjoy a little league game. Designed and orchestrated by a team of 15 undergraduate students at Virginia Tech, the pavilion located in Clifton Forge, Virginia, is home to the most modern-looking baseball seating and concessions area since mobile beer selling was invented. Admire the stunning and chic design of the structure, which houses 3 separate components, and also includes areas for eating and watching the field from a height-advantage. Check out the design and think about how much more exciting watching those little league games would’ve been if you had this pavilion to enjoy!

4. Modernica

Modern American Themed Interior Design, Décor Aid

Traditional American design will always be appreciated for all it’s done, but there’s a time and a place to admire past trends, and the future of American design is bursting at the seams. This article highlights a few more modern trends, combining contemporary feel with the classic American taste. Using the Country as a template for a unique hanging bookshelf even, there’s plenty of amazing ideas and designs to admire in this quick read, and definitely some inspiration on how to bring some patriotism to the table with a modern twist!

5. A Taste of America’s Traditions Overseas

The Diner pop-up restaurant serves up a slice of Americana in Milan, Dezeen

There’s nothing more nostalgic than walking into a vintage American diner and reminiscing upon times when high-cholesterol was a myth and milkshakes were practically health drinks. This one stands out a bit more than the rest of these “classic diners” as it’s found in Milan! Bright colors and neon-lighting illuminate the diner, while the “inherently optimistic” spirit draws people of all backgrounds to come enjoy a cold shake and some fries. Certainly, it would be a treat as a tourist to have some authentic American dining while abroad, and even cooler for people of foreign cultures to mingle with American culture without making the trip to the U.S.! A unique idea that definitely houses that “Americana” feel that gets lost in some of the more modern design trends.

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