Week of June 8th, 2020 – Beaches & Aquariums

Week of June 8th, 2020 – Beaches & Aquariums - Architessa

Top 5 Design Posts of the Week

With warm weather comes Summer fun, and everyone knows the beach trip you’ve had planned since December is going to be the highlight of your entire Summer – maybe of the entire year! And coming from a spring everyone spent the majority of inside their own homes, the beach has never sounded like more of a getaway than now. Or perhaps you’d rather spend your beach-day at the local aquarium getting acquainted with the local sea-life. Maybe you’re a family-of-five big-house renter-type, or perhaps you and the family settle for a smaller rental along the coast of your favorite paradise retreat. Or, maybe you’re a fan of watching fish swim while you’re in an elevator! No matter the place or taste, there’s something for everyone’s inner water-fanatic in this week’s Top 5 Designs.

1. From Beach House to Beach Home

Water Ways, Home & Design

When the Strittmatter’s purchased their Ocean City house, it came outfitted with everything a beach house wasn’t supposed to be - a giant fireplace obstructing the water view, internal walkways and support pillars that created an odd flow within the space, and there wasn’t enough light in the color scheme for them to feel like they’re at the beach. After working with the same design team that remodeled their current home, the house turned into a stunning beach-home with a view that’s to die for. Homeowner Mary claims the view rivals that of an ocean cruise-liner, but you’ll have to see for yourself!

2. An Elevator Ride Unlike Anything You’ve Ever Seen…On Dry Land

Designing with Water: Aquadream Casablanca, Interior Design

While some people might fear getting stuck in an elevator, others wouldn’t mind being stuck within this stunning display of creative ingenuity and design that breaks down traditional walls. Located in Casablanca, Morocco, the elevator display rests inside a shopping center, and had to be shipped over from the U.S. in seven giant sections. One thing to remember in this acrylic-glass elevator especially: don’t tap the glass!

3. Dual-Purpose Private Residence Aquarium

Inside this Orange County Private Residence’s Stunning Pool-Incorporated Aquarium, International Concept Management

Going for a dip in the outdoor pool is exciting enough, until you swim in this California backyard pool and realize you’re swimming not only with your best friends, but with some friends of the ocean as well. Incorporated into the lower-pool design, the aquarium can be seen from outside as well as inside from a cozy viewing area, complete with lounge-seating and gorgeous woodwork. Strap on some goggles and take a deep breath, then plunge into this stunning gallery of photos from the residence. Just don’t be surprised when you open your eyes underwater and you’re face-to-face with a beautiful fish!

4. Thinking Outside the Box with these Gorgeous Beach-House Designs

10 Beach Houses That Make Us Want to Live by the Water, Architectural Digest

Breaking down the barrier of the traditional beach house feel, Architectural Digest dives into 10 beach houses that are unlike anything you’ve ever laid your eyes on. From bamboo usage near palm trees, as seen above, to a house designed from the basic principles of mathematics, creating a truly stunning and unique design. There’s something for everyone to admire in these new-age waterfront homes.

5. London Residence’s Industrial Style Met with an Aquarium to Match

Modern Aquarium Installation in an Industrial Chic Home, Aquarium Architecture

Two of London’s residents decided that after enjoying hobbies like sailing and diving, they shouldn’t have to give up their favorite view while they’re in their own home. Enter the “Industrial Chic” style aquarium, holding up to 60 fish in this London home. The aquarium is incorporated beautifully, and the design flows seamlessly with the rest of the house’s features. Sleek, modern, and colorful are only a few words out of many that could be used to describe this unique residence-aquarium. Enjoy some photos courtesy of the builder, and check out the nighttime shots of the aquarium--I’d gain 10 pounds just from going to my kitchen to check out the aquarium at night!

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