Week of August 17th - Beat the Heat

August 17, 2020

Week of August 17th - Beat the Heat - Architessa

Top 5 Design Posts of the Week

As we enter Fall, it’s important to keep in mind the “new normal” and remember to do your due diligence in cutting the spread of COVID-19. Whether it’s switching to an online at-home based schooling system, working from home, or simply going out less and making sure you’re protecting yourself and others, this Fall will look different that years previous.

One thing that’s not changing, however, is the pre-Fall August heat and humidity wave that seems to batter the East Coast, specifically the Mid-Atlantic region, with relentless hours of sweating, deodorant melting in the car, too many showers, and (unfortunately this year) limited time at the local pool, sunbathing that stress away. Have no fear! Our top 5 designs of this week showcase some cool and creative design tips, regarding how to “beat the heat” wherever you live! Featuring some awesome backyard swimming pools used for cooling off, some easy design tips to keep cool, and of course pictures of all for inspiration! Dive into this week’s top 5 and keep it cool this week!

1. 15 Easy Interior Design Ideas to Keep Your Cool

15 Simple and Smart Summer Decorating Ideas to Cool Down Your Home Interiors, Lushome

Take a look at this article on how to beat the heat using design features, not just a giant AC unit the neighbors will eventually complain about. Apart from turning your fan on high and using dark blinds, there are plenty of ways to efficiently keep your living space cool. Who knew utilizing natural features such as tall houseplants could actually keep a room cooler by providing shade and CO2? Check out these 15 tips on keeping your indoor space cool, and let us know if you have any unique suggestions of your own in the comments below!

2. 7 More Unique Heat-Beating Strategies

7 Strategies for Beating the Heat This Summer, Houzz

Written back in 2018 during one of the hottest summers I can remember, this article shows off 7 more unique ways to keep it cool during summertime. Using adjustable shades to control the sunlight indoors while not living like a vampire, making the most out of the occasional breeze, and even investing in products similar to misters or water-fans are some of the ways you can keep it cool, without heating up your wallet. Of course, there’s always installing a water feature of sorts, such as a pool or even cold jacuzzi, but it’s understandable that some don’t have the space 9or desire) for such materials. Enjoy the brief read and take some inspiration away from the pictures showcasing their heat-beating strategies!

3. Dive Into These Stunning Swimming Pools

40 Sublime Swimming Pool Designs for the Ultimate Staycation, Freshome

Growing up, everybody always had the one friend in the group that provided the ultimate summer destination, the backyard pool. Jumping into the familiar scent of chlorine and sunscreen is one that will never be forgotten. As adults, it’s time now to appreciate that friend’s parents for maintaining such a hot-commodity and for providing such an awesome way to cool off in Summertime after a day of running around with all the friends. This article provides us with 40 of the most “sublime swimming pool designs” and provides some inspiration (or daydreaming) for us to admire. Dive into this list and take a look at some of the stunning pool designs, and let us know which one if your favorite!

4. The Stockholm Swimming Pool That Will Take Your Breath Away

Folkform bases ceramic tile mural for public swimming pool on Spånga town plan, Dezeen

Not that Stockholm is battling heat the same way the East Coast is, but this swimming pool made us cool off simply by looking at the stunning pictures. Swedeish design duo Folkform installed a stunning mural of over 1,000 pieces of glass and ceramics to create a wall-design that would make swimming laps feel like you’re swimming in the middle of an art-exhibit. The design flows exceptionally well with the blue pool tile, Dezeen noting “The pale pastel green, blue and beige hues used for the mural complement the subdued colours of the 1960s building, as well as the blue tones of the pool.” After looking through the pictures, it’s hard not to set flight price alerts for Stockholm!

5. Keeping Cool with Design - The History

Beat the Heat: How Design Can Keep You Cool, Tree Hugger

From simply having houses designed to minimize heat, such as a shotgun house, or getting more clever by cross-ventilating everything in the floor plans, this article dives into a multitude of ways people have used design to keep cool in years past. Not to say these tips aren’t usable today, as they are. External blind installation is showcased a lot in France, as Europeans seemingly hate air conditioning and have found alternative ways around the heat. Living in thicker buildings, using more overhead coverings and awnings, or even incorporating a cupola are only some of the ways history has survived the heat. Enjoy the interesting read and appreciate the fact we have air conditioning at our disposal, as opposed to living in a stacked ventilated apartment.

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