Week of December 28th, 2020 – Top 5 of the Year

Week of December 28th, 2020 – Top 5 of the Year - Architessa

Top 5 Design Posts of the Year

As we count down the final days of 2020, a year that was certainly one for the history books, let's take a moment to go back through the year via our top 5 design posts, and highlight some of our favorites from the last 12 months! We had a year filled with unexpected trends, such as the rise of working from home and what that meant for your home interior-design life. We noticed quite a few more searches for "cabin design ideas" as more and more people seek quieter areas to wait-out the pandemic, and of course we saw plenty of tile in all shapes and sizes.

We curated some of our favorite top 5 posts since January of 2020 and have compiled our favorite moments from each, concluding our year of design! While we can't wait to see what design trends 2021 brings us, let's take a moment and remember some of the highlights from 2020. Enjoy our final top 5 design posts of the year and we will see you in 2021!

1. Latin American Design Influences

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As September brought us Hispanic Heritage Month, we spent the week of September 14th admiring some of Latin America's most influential and prominent design trends. From our selections of the contemporary side of Latin America (12 contemporary Latin American design studios to watch), to highlighting some of the most talented artists and designers with Latin American backgrounds (Influential Latin American Interior Designers), and everything in-between, September was a great month for design. Check out our previous post from the link above and let us know what your favorite moment from Latin American design was!

2. Working From Home Design Tips

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2020 certainly brought many changes to our everyday lives due to the rise of covid-19, and we're looking forward to the vaccine being unrolled to the mass public in the coming months and perhaps a sense of normalcy will be felt sooner rather than later. Regardless, 2020 provided designers the chance to think outside the box and emphasize the importance of having a functional workplace within the home, as many were, and still are, working from home and not from an office. Our August edition covered working from home design tips, including going modern (51 Modern Home Office Design Ideas for Inspiration), some quick-fixes for a productive corner in the house (40 Brilliant Study Area Ideas and Designs), and even something for the kids as they made the transition to online education this Fall(30 Back-to-School Homework Spaces and Study Room Ideas You’ll Love). No matter your taste in design, we had something for everyone's inner productive-self in our top 5 designs for working from home.

3. Baths and Bathrooms of 2020

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In June, following suit to the Summer weather everyone loves to enjoy, we focused on water features including baths and bathrooms, gardens and outdoor water features, and waterway home design ideas. Our baths and bathrooms post was the first of the month, and featured one of our favorite featured posts of the year, an old soda factory converted into a stunning underground bathhouse in New York (Check out New York's underground secret -- ninja-turtles not-included). Also included in this issue was our selection of natural stone sinks, which we've always loved and think needs some more appreciation (Check out Emily Henderson's gallery on some featured natural stone sinks, among other top bathroom trends). Click the link above for the whole previous post and let us know your favorite bathroom of the bunch!

4. Earth Day

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April 22nd brought us Earth Day, which has slowly turned into an excuse to post travel photos on Instagram, but we stuck true to it's meaning by covering some "earthly" design schemes and paying homage to our greatest resource - the Earth. We highlighted Solaz, a luxury resort designed to emphasize the topography of Mexico’s Baja Peninsula (The 34-Acre, Nature-Inspired Solaz, a Luxury Collection Resort), and a somewhat "hobbit-home", boasting of earthy tones while maintaining hidden underneath a layer of flora (A sunken-earth home with voluminous interiors peers out from beneath a blanket of flora). Pay homage to last year's Earth Day by incorporating some earthly designs into your next renovation, and check out the link above for the whole previous post about earthly designs!

5. Staying Home, and Having Fun. 2020's Words to Live By

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Having fun at home has always been an important aspect when creating a home layout, and finding space for fun and games comes in all shapes and sizes. This year dominated the at-home entertainment sector, as many were spending the majority of their days inside their homes, saying safe and healthy. The importance of having space to de-stress became such a prevalent feature and was seen being enjoyed by all ages (19 Game Room Ideas That’ll Happily Make You A Homebody), and no matter the budget we had ideas for all! Regardless of technology or tabletop games, we had ideas for all to create the perfect space for some fun and laughter (26 Game Room Ideas for the Ultimate Entertaining Space), and 2020 taught us to cherish the simple things in life.

We can't wait to see what 2020 brings us in terms of design trends and themes, and we're glad you'll be along for the ride with us! See you all in 2021 and have a safe and happy end of the year from our family at Architessa to yours!

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