Week of December 21st, 2020 – Cabins and Fireplace Design Inspirations

Week of December 21st, 2020 – Cabins and Fireplace Design Inspirations - Architessa

Top 5 Design Posts of the Week

Celebrating the first day of winter, December 21st, we thought it would be fitting to dive into some design inspirations revolving around cozy cabins and warm fireplaces. As the holiday season is in full swing, along with the plummeting temperatures, people are beginning to crank their heat up and look for ways to cozy up, especially since this year you’re more than likely spending the holidays at home. Hopefully 2021 brings back some social eventfulness in our lives, but until it’s safe we’re totally happy sipping our hot chocolate and checking out some design inspirations!

Sit back and grab your mug, it’s time for our top 5 design posts of the week, featuring some warm and cozy vibes to make sure your holidays are complete. Enjoy and let us know your favorite cabin interior design ideas in the comments below!

1. Stone Fireplace Inspirations

18 Stunning Stone Fireplaces for Every Style, the Spruce

Whether it’s a gas or wood-burning fireplace, there’s something almost heavenly about sitting in front of the fire when you’re cold, soaking up the warmth and enjoying life as time stands still. Until the gas line has a malfunction and next thing you know it’s been 10 years since you promised you’d call that electrician. Guilty. Anyways, our first post this week showcases stone fireplaces, and how they can be incorporated into a variety of home furnishings and the range of their looks.

Shown above we have the stone fireplace residing in the central living room, and it’s an amazing center-piece without being too dramatic. This one’s composed of Fieldstone, but we should also mention there are so many options for fireplace finishings, one of them being tile!

2. Modern Interior Designs for Cabins

Cabin Interior Design: Tips to Create a Modern Cabin Interior, Decorilla

Our second featured post brings us to the world of cabins in the modern day, which unsurprisingly look vastly different than Abraham Lincoln’s log cabins. Decorillabrings us their guide to interior furnishings for a modern cabin feel, and with tips for all budgets and design tastes, there’s something for everyone. They’ve got 5 basic essential tips for the perfect cabin feel without being too rustic, and even some quick cabin tips for furnishings. It is important to note they mention these are design inspirations for all home types, and if you don’t own or live in a cabin near or in the woods, these can be great ways to bring that cozy feel to your home, wherever it is. Enjoy!

3. Luxury Cabin Design

Top 60 Best Log Cabin Interior Design Ideas – Mountain Retreat Homes,NetLuxury

“There is something about the log cabin aesthetic that instantly makes one feel at home: the crisp crackling fire, familiar earthen tones and textures, and comfortable, fuss-free furniture and artwork instantly put a man at ease and in his natural state.”

We couldn’t agree more, which is why we’re sharing NetLuxury’s 60 luxury cabin designs, as a way of keeping even cozier with the finest cabins out there. Shown above we see a gorgeous interior with wood-paneling surrounding the stone fireplace, and cozy furniture that makes us feel like we’re right there in the picture. There are 59 other spectacular cabins to see, so check them out with the link above and let us know your favorite cabin designs in the comments below!

4. Cozy Cabin Ideas for Anybody

10 Quaint And Cozy Cabin Decor Ideas, Rocket Homes

Regardless of taste or budget, it’s always nice to have some reminder of the outdoors, especially during times recently when we’ve found ourselves indoors a lot more than usual. Bringing the cabin feel doesn’t have to mean having a cabin, and with Rocket Homes’ 10 tips on quaint and cozy cabin décor ideas, there’s plenty of ways to keep some outside in. Shown above is a high-ceiling with exposed wood, being complimented by the metal chandelier, which really creates a homey feel and presents the typical rustic cabin vibe. There’s plenty more tips in the link above, so give it a look and let us know your favorite!

5. Fiery Fireplace Furnishings

20 Hot Fireplace Designs, HGTV

Our final selection brings us HGTV’s top 20 hottest fireplace designs, showing off some truly cozy design ideas for your fireplace renovation. We’re starting off by showing you the above fireplace, surrounded by natural stone in the master bedroom. Complimented by the wooden mantel, this fireplace lives true to it’s name, “sweet dreams”. Check out the 19 other fiery designs and let us know which one would look best in your master bedroom!

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