Top 5 Design Inspirations – Wood Look and Earthy Inspirations

Top 5 Design Inspirations – Wood Look and Earthy Inspirations - Architessa

Happy Monday! We hope everybody is in their Spring stride, enjoying the sunshine and warmer weather. April 22nd featured Earth Day, our time to appreciate all the beautiful gifts our planet has provided us throughout the years. We thought it would be appropriate to highlight some design inspirations featuring “Earthy” feels, such as wood-look, earthy tones, textures, or just anything that brings a sense of nature into your space.


Here at Architessa, we’re incredibly proud of our quality materials and offer the best when it comes to your tile, wood, or stone needs. Check out some of our wood-look tiles by clicking here, and feel free to explore through some of our natural-looking materials by clicking here! We hope everybody enjoys this week’s Top 5 Design inspirations and feels in touch with Mother Earth. Let us know your favorite part of this week’s Top 5 in the comments below!


 1. Chic Rustic Inspirations

40+ Chic Ways to Embrace Rustic Décor, Elle Décor


Our first inspiration of the week features many ways to bring modern rustic looks to your home’s interior without crossing the line into the barnyard territory. Shown above is an Uruguayan Retreat located nearby the resort town of La Barra. The walls and floors are hand-poured concrete, creating an artisanal feel to the environment. Natural linen curtains drape alongside windows. The custom daybed is from Lucilia Del Campo, and we love how peaceful this room is without coming off too cozy. Check out the other 46 inspirations for a rustic interior, and let us know your favorite!



 2. Trend Alert! Wood Look

Natural Wood is Trendy Again and We’re Super Excited, House Beautiful


Our second featured inspiration of the week takes us to all things wood – except wood is back in a way like you’ve never seen before. By ditching the classic dark traditional look wood has provided for centuries, homeowners and designers are opting for lighter shades of wood to offer different color options for surrounding details. Also a big trend, wood looking porcelain tiles, which of course can be found on our website,, and if you’re there check out our Baywood collection for a similar feel!


 3. Earthy Interior Ideas for Living Rooms

12 Earthy Interior Designs for Living Room, Architecture Art & Designs


Wood is a great way to bring natural materials to a home interior, but there’s plenty of other ways to have an earthy feel without going overboard on the wood. Keeping it modern, the third inspiration of the week goes over all of the key points required to create a down-to-earth living room. Most importantly, focusing on what materials you’re using makes a huge difference and the color palette choices. Once you’ve selected those two, the materials and colors can create a seamless feel with your personal design touches. Check out the complete guide to having an earthy interior in your residence in the link above, and as always, let us know your favorite part!


 4. Decorating with Earth Tones

The Right Way to Decorate With Earth Tones, Elle Décor


Elle Décor brings us our fourth design inspiration this week, featuring their guide on how to style earth-tone decorations properly for any room of the house. Shown above is a bedroom painted in a soothing mustard shade, located in Gramercy Park apartments. It goes to show you don’t have to do a whole lot to evoke a down-to-earth feeling. You can promote it with a simple paint job or accessories, such as plants or natural landscape paintings. Check out the rest of their 12 earthy inspirations, and let us know your favorite in the comments!


 5. Throw Some Wood in the Mix

15 Ways to Mix Different Wood Shades into Your Décor, the Spruce



Our final inspiration of the week offers unique ways to incorporate wood into your home’s interiors – in a subtle or standout way. The Spruce offers their take on how to properly style different shades of wood to add texture variation, color separation, unique pattern opportunities, and so much more. The must know? “Natural wood colors are neutrals making them fairly goof-proof to incorporate into any color scheme.”

Check out their 15 wood-look inspirations in the link above, and we’ll see you next week!


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