Top 5 Design Posts - Florals and Botanicals

Top 5 Design Posts - Florals and Botanicals - Architessa

Welcome back and happy Monday to our fellow Architessans! We’re honoring one of the most ever-present design inspirations: florals and botanicals. February 28th brings us National Floral design day, and we thought to provide you with some inspiration before you head to the nursery and pick out some green companions. There’s something calming about having the presence of nature close by, especially when it’s available within the comfort of your home - not to mention, an aesthetic design addition! With a variety of plants and some floral-patterned wallpaper and tile design, you’ll have everything you need to add fresh additions to your home. As always, we’d love to hear your feedback in the comments, and enjoy!


1. Botanical Haven

How to Turn Your Home into a Botanical Haven, Architectural Digest

plant filled living room


Our first featured article of the week comes form Architectural Digest,where they share design tips and inspiration for turning your home into a serene green space! Not everybody has the exterior space for a garden display of plants. There are plenty of botanicals fit to thrive inside a home. Stylist Selina Blake says: "Botanical Style is not just about introducing plants into your home—it celebrates a whole host of patterns and designs inspired by all things botanical".  There's no harm in adding greenery to your interior, especially now that we spend most of our time indoors. Check out the article using the link above and let us know what you think in the comments below!


2. Bedroom Botanicals

Botanical Bedroom Decorating Ideas, the Spruce

 botanical pictures above a green bed

Our second article features all the stylings for botanicals and florals in the bedroom. The Spruce has found 9 bedrooms that evoke the floral feel that's so comforting and cozy - you won't want to miss out on their picks. Shown above is a simple display of bedside plants. Of course, the floral patterned painting over the bed helps tie the room together, keeping colors warm and the mood right. There's plenty of floral design for people who aren't hugely into plant maintenance. We'd suggest taking a look at this article as it covers a lot of wallpaper and floral patterned paintings that look great - and don't require water. Check out the article for more, and as always, feel free to leave feedback in the comments!


3. Botanic Style Made Easy

7 Easy Ways To Create Botanical Style At Home, Decor8

purple and white floral sofa with photo gallery wall


Decor8 offers easy plant stylings, featuring 7 unique ways to achieve the botanical feel inside your home. From the basics, like where to showcase your floral friends, to some more advanced tips, like "being dramatic" in your plant selections and making sure to not go overboard! Check out the article for all 7 tips on all things plant-styling, and let us know which plants are your favorite!


4. Modern Floral Ideas

16 modern floral room design ideas, Real Homes

dog on a bed in front of floral wallpaper


While florals and botanicals aren't appropriate for every home or living space, they can add a stunning focal point, whether it's a modern or more rustic space. Our fourth article shows us how to incorporate florals into current areas, a task that can seem daunting to homeowners. Real Homes has you covered in their 15 ways to style a modern home with florals and botanicals, and there's something for every modern-homeowner to enjoy and be inspired by. Check out their guide in the link above and let us know your favorite image!


5. Bright and Blossoming Botanical Living Rooms

20 Living Rooms Blossoming with Florals, HomeDesignLover


Our final article this week showcases some stunning living room florals for all. While not being true to living rooms only (shown above is a Bohemian tea room), these inspirations can be used for any interior space. With 20 images of separate living rooms and their floral components, there's no shortage of content to inspire your green thumb. Our favorite? Check out the Wimbeldon Living Room and see for yourself! Let us know your favorite in the comments below, and we will see you next week for more!



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