Top 5 Design Posts of the Week – Baths and Showers

Top 5 Design Posts of the Week – Baths and Showers - Architessa

As fun and relaxing as Summer can be, it’s also a full-time job balancing fun in the sunshine, social life, work, and any other things the heat can bring along with it. Everybody has their own form of self-care and ways to reset the body and mind, and some of those might even include spending some time as a Spa or taking a nice long bath after a long day. In an ideal world of course, everybody would have their own self-care center in their own home complete with a Spa and massage table, but since dreams have yet to become realities we’ve got the solution!

This week, we’ve decided to highlight some of the best baths and bathrooms we could land our hands on, and of course showcase them to you as inspiration for a next remodel, a quick design change, or even just adding some more detail to your already beautiful bathroom. You’ll be more than ready to turn your bland bathroom into the relaxing self-care center you’ve always deserved. Whatever the case, take a look at our top 5 design posts of the week and let us know your favorite in the comments! Enjoy!


1. The Latest and Greatest Bathroom Trends

    Eight Residential Bathroom Design Trends for 2021, Forbes


    Starting off this week’s top 5 design inspirations, we’re bringing you the best of the best with the trends of 2021 for all things residential bathroom related. As mentioned, being able to relax has never been more important, and baths are taking on a newfound role as the mainstage of bathrooms. The standalone tub can be expected to be seen more and more with each home remodel, as it offers a great sense of tranquility while taking a nice relaxing soak. Also, be on the lookout for ore tropical-themed bathroom interior decorations, as more and more people cancelled vacations last year and are looking for some escapism this year. Take a look through the top bathroom trends and let us know your favorite suggestion!


    2. Marbleous Bathroom Inspirations

      46 Bathroom Design Ideas to Inspire Your Next Renovation, Architectural Digest



      Our second feature of the week takes us to the side of luxury, where we’re diving into the world of marble bathrooms. While not all of the bathrooms featured in this article showcase marble, we love the elegance and style of the material, and it makes for some truly amazing designs. You’ll be feeling like the Queen (or King!) of the castle, while you soak your problems away while admiring the timeless look of your marble bathroom. Also showcased in this article are some truly amazing color-variations, such as the Manhattan Master Bath you’ll have to see for yourself! Take a look through the world of elegance and let us know your favorite bathroom from this article!


      3. Contemporary Bathrooms with Relaxing Views

        Ten contemporary bathrooms designed to take advantage of the view, Dezeen



        At first glance, the bathroom above could be seen as too open or simple, but that’s what we loved about it. The floor-to-ceiling windows (also located entirely throughout the residence) offer a fantastic view of Loch Dunvegan on the north coast of Scotland’s Isle of Skye. The Cliff House by Duchalas Architects offers relaxing scenery while enjoying the benefits of a modern and contemporary living space, and of course we loved how close the nature was! Check out the nine other highlighted bathrooms brought to us by Dezeenand enjoy some serenity!


        4. Bold Bathrooms

          49 Bathroom Design Ideas and Inspiration, the Spruce


          Our fourth design inspiration requires some daringness and creativity, as we’re stepping outside the realm of your traditional bathroom scenery. We wanted to highlight the bathroom above for a few reasons, and don’t worry – there’s 48 other stunning designs for you to check out! While an entirely black bathroom isn’t necessarily found in most residential homes, the color itself can inspire professionalism, elegance, and luxury … and of course it’s always going to be easier to maintain than a bright color. The white fixtures create an almost “yin-yang” vibe, and complement the black perfectly. Check out the rest of these bold bathrooms in the link above!


          5. Must-Haves For Your Bathroom

            25 Bathroom With Must-Have Features, DIY Network


            While we might’ve said that not everybody cab have access to spa-level treatment in their own home, we loved the seating feature complete with the built-in pedicure station, and it’s definitely a great way for a “treat yourself” kind of day. Our final bathroom design inspiration takes us to some of the necessities everybody should keep in mind while designing their dream bathroom, from flooring choices, baths of all shapes and sizes, and perhaps most importantly, the ability to have some nice relaxing moments in the serenity of your own space. Check out the other 24 bathroom inspirations for all of the best must-haves, and let us know what your bathroom needs next!

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