Top 5 Design Posts of the Week – Bold Design Choices

Top 5 Design Posts of the Week – Bold Design Choices - Architessa


As tile is one of the most versatile building materials in existence with its many forms, shapes, patterns, and building applications, it’s no surprise we’ve seen tile used in some very unique ways across our years in the industry. Besides the traditional backsplash and bathroom applications which might be thought of as typical tile uses, as the industry expands and new materials are introduced, we’re seeing tile be used in ways like never before. And not only tile has to be fitted in a creative manner, as we’re seeing designs like never before as people turn to bold choices and eye-catching displays of interior design.  Check out our top 5 design inspirations this week, all some of the boldest and most creative design schemes of the recent design years and as always, we love to hear your feedback in the comments! Enjoy!


1. Bold Can be Better

The best of The List: Bold Interiors, House & Garden UK

Starting this week off with some of the best of the bold, we’re turning to House & Garden UKfor their best of “The List”, highlighting some bold color choices, lively patterns and bright interiors. We chose to feature Jessica Buckley Interiors’ Georgian architecture project “juxtaposed with bold colors and clever lighting” in the picture above. We love how it comes across as “bold” without being mismatched or too distracting. The vivid blues complement each other well, and notice how even the coffee table has some shades of blue which match the bold scheme perfectly. Check out the rest of their top bold designs and let us know your favorite one in the comments below!


2. Adventurous Interiors

10 Bold Interior Design Ideas to Add Drama to Your Home, Right at Home Interiors


Taking a risk when designing your home’s interior can seem like a big leap of faith, but when done correctly, going bold can lead to stunning interior design results and create an interior atmosphere you never dreamed of. Our second design inspiration of the week shows us 10 simple ways to add some boldness to your interior, without going overboard. From the basics, choosing a bold color for the walls and/or ceilings, to thinking more detailed such as floor-to-ceiling cabinetry, there’s endless options to add some boldness to your next rebuild! Check out the list for the complete ten ways to go bold in the link above!


3. Fresh New Ways to Utilize Tile

10 Unexpected Ways to Use Tile to Freshen Up Your Interiors, My Domaine

Our third choice for our week of bold designs takes us to the world of tile, and we’re showcasing some non-traditional uses of the material. It goes without saying, tile is one of the most broad building materials in terms of its applications, and gives plenty of options for being bold! From using tile as a decoration for an entire kitchen wall, framing decorative tile as artwork, or even tiling your stairs, there’s endless options when it comes to creativity and tile. Of course, don’t forget to check out for all your tile and design inquiries!


4. Designing Below, A Sunken Kitchen

Sunken Concrete floor expands Victorian terrace house in London, Dezeen

As we continue our week of bold design ideas and creative interiors, Dezeenshowcases one of their most recent highlights which fit our theme perfectly, a Victorian semi-detached house which they’ve sunk the concrete floor in to maximize ceiling height. The project turned out stunning, and the challenges the designers faced were extensive.

“Faced with what the architects described as an 'oppressive' ceiling height in the kitchen, the floor level was lowered by half a meter through the design of a 'concrete tray', filling the width of the site and extending into the garden to create a new sunken patio.”

The project highlights design creativity as being the key to their success and goes to show what a little “outside-the-box” thinking can provide to a design challenge. Check out the whole house in the link above, as you won’t want to miss it!


5. How to Go Bold: Living Room Edition

6 Tips on Creating a Bold living Room Design, LoveHappens

Our last design feature takes us to the world of living rooms, and provides 6 tips on creating the bold centerpiece of your home. Of course, it always starts with picking a color, and some of the boldest picks of today’s modern interiors include navy blue and charcoal gray, which matches wood accents perfectly and multihued furniture. Mixing and matching patterns too can create a bold design scheme, just be careful to not go too crazy and create an eyesore of confusing colors and shapes. Choosing the right home accessories too, plays a huge role in any interior design scheme and can add the “pop” a boring room is missing, For the complete guide to creatine the bold living room of your dreams, check out the full article in the link above!


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