Top 5 Design Posts of the Week – Designing Through Life Stages

Top 5 Design Posts of the Week – Designing Through Life Stages - Architessa


Say hello to August! The months have been flying by this year as we approach back-to-school season, where hopefully your kids are preparing for a school year in-person with their friends, ready to socialize and learn in a classroom environment. August is always a roller coaster of emotion, as Summer winds to a close and the heat takes its toll one last time, and in honor of this month we’re focusing on Family Environments throughout the entire 31 days. This week, we’re narrowing it down to the design of life stages, including kids rooms, family rooms, and spaces for everybody to enjoy this Summer. Take a look through this week’s top 5 design inspirations, and as usual we always appreciate hearing your feedback in the comments! Enjoy!


1. More Life in the Living Room

The Top Design Trends You’ll be Seeing in Living Rooms Next Year, Elle Décor


Our first featured article of the week is all about the best living room trends of this year, and how to take your communal space to the next level. Whether you’re all about the relaxed and cozy vibes, or if your taste gravitates more towards modern with high-style accessories, we’ve got you covered! We loved the green velvet chairs shown above, as this space is perfect for entertaining during a night in with friends. With “staying in” being the new “going out” it’s important to have adequate seating and entertainment options for all, such as a large TV with surround sound, and lounge seating is more prevalent than ever! Check out the rest of the best living rooms and let us know your favorite in the comments below!


2. 45 going on … 12?

30 Playroom Ideas That Make Us Want to be Kids Again, House Beautiful 


Our second design inspiration is all about spaces for kids, and we’re showcasing some of the coolest playrooms and kid’s areas that will make you feel like you’re 12 again. You don’t have to have ample space for a kid’s area, as we loved the attic conversion shown above, keeping the kids area secluded without being totally separated from the living areas of the house. Plus, who doesn’t love climbing up a tiny ladder with their friends? Fun removable wallpapers can be a big hit too, and are easily replaceable when your little ones decide that Cars 2is actually a far better movie than Frozen.Check out all 30 kid’s playroom inspirations in the link above and let us know which one your little ones would enjoy the most!


3. Living Well & Accessible

Accessible design is growing. But can it be beautiful?, The Washington Post Magazine


Since 30 years ago when the Americans With Disabilities Act was established to protect the rights of people with disabilities, accessible design has changed, paving a road we can alltravel on. As designers adapt to changing styles and trends, the demand for accessibility has also risen, and “thoughtful design”, as mentioned by Karen Nichols, principal at Michael Graves Architecture & Design, has been huge focus of any modern commercial or residential build. It can create opportunity in ways never imagined, such as the beauty of having open-spaces and even streamlining households with lifts and elevators, all which come in a variety of shapes, styles, and sizes. Keeping the mood bright is important too, as you’ll see large splashes of color and stunning displays of simplicity among wall and furniture décor alike. Check out The Washington Post Magazine’s article on accessible design above for yourself, and get some inspiration for your next remodel!


4. Design On-The-Go! Traveling Inspiration

Take Your Camper Up a Notch With These Must-Try Design Ideas, HGTV


While not everybody can enjoy the luxury of having a second home for a vacation destination, there’s still plenty of ways to enjoy traveling in style, especially without breaking the bank. While campers and RV’s have always been a staple of the free-spirited and traveling, they’re becoming more prevalent than ever before, especially with the Covid-19 pandemic. As families and couples turn to unique vacationing ideas, we’re here to help accentuate your camper van or Recreational Vehicle and turn it into the traveling vacation of your dreams. It doesn’t take a lot of material to add character to a small space, as shown above with the dark finish trim and matching décor, creating a moody interior form a blank canvas. With so many possibilities and such a small space for creativity, we don’t blame you if you switch it up often and try out some new interior style for every trip you take!


5. Destination: Design

Stylized Home Interior Design For Your Summer Vacation Property, Iconic Life


For those who are able to be fortunate enough to have a second home for vacationing or investment purposes, it’s important to create it as a space for multigenerational family use and keep an open mind while designing your dream interior. Maintaining the balance between fashion and function can be tricky, it’s also important to remember to have the house suitable for all ages, pets included, which is why material choice is important. Easy-to-clean porcelain floors can be a favorite, as they don’t stain with muddy footprints and pet hair can be easily spotted. Keeping the color scheme simple, yet friendly is a big favorite amongst vacation homeowners, as demonstrated above by the neutral bedroom tones accented with the navy blue curtains to provide privacy and character to the room! Check out all the necessities for any vacation or destination home above, and let us know your favorite part!



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