Top 5 Design Posts of the Week – Emotion Evoking Spaces

Top 5 Design Posts of the Week – Emotion Evoking Spaces - Architessa

As June is here to stay, along with its warm weather and sunshine, we’re taking a moment to celebrate a fun upcoming holiday, as June 8th brings us National Best Friends Day! In honor of such a happy holiday, we hope you get to share with your friends. We’re bringing you our top 5 design posts of the week, featured around emotion-evoking spaces. Having a best friend in your life certainly comes with positive emotions! The color choice in a room affecting your overall mood, how your decorations display your personality, and even how to utilize the perception of space to create the illusion of more are only a few of the ways interior design evokes emotions. We’re here with the best design posts to bring your mood where you want it to be! Please take a look through this week’s top 5 design posts and let us know your favorite in the comments!


1. The Emotional Impact of Design

    Psychology of Space: How Interiors Impact Our Behavior?, ArchDaily

    Our first feature of the week highlights how your interior affects your mood and behavior, starting with the basics. From inducing warmth and comfort to creating positive workplace environments geared for productivity, there’s a lot of psychology behind designing a space. Interior furnishings directly affect our subconscious perceptions and emotions, so it’s no wonder humans try to create spaces that help them feel good while looking even better. Without giving too much away to start, check out the article for all the ways interior design impacts your mental health, and enjoy some of the stunning designs showcased!


    2. Designing a Bedroom for Better Sleep

      How to Design Your Bedroom For Better Sleep, According to an Interior Designer, Elle Décor


      Our second design inspiration comes from Elle Décor,as they bring us their guide to the bedroom and how to design it for a better night’s rest.

      “An ideal bedroom will provide an environment for rest, positivity, and relaxation,” says interior designer Natalie Kraiem. “[It] should feel like your favorite hotel suite, but with personal items such as a few picture frames, a nice candle, and a book.”

      As there’s many factors that can influence a good night’s sleep, starting with a quality mattress can’t be understated. Being comfortable while lying down and trying to sleep is essential, and definitely plays a string role in sleep accommodations. Layering light too can have a huge effect on your sleep, as you want natural light during the day and darkness at night, which can be done in a multitude of ways. Check out the article for the complete guide to a good night’s sleep!


      3. The Escalation of Emotion

        Inside the Rise of Emotional Design, Architectural Digest


        Our third featured article goes over the rise of emotional design and what exactly “emotional architecture” means. In the increasingly digital world we live in, it can be easy to surround ourselves with isolation, and architects and designers alike are paving the way towards more intimate relationships with the physical surroundings we find ourselves with every day. Whether it’s taking your breath away or inspiring a deep sigh and falling into a trancelike state, designers are working harder than ever to create emotion with space to capture human reaction and make us appreciate our surroundings like never before. Check out the article for all the full details on emotional architecture and admire the stunning pictures!


        4. Interior Emotion All Over Your Home

          How Can Décor Influence Your Emotions at Home, Mon Interiors



          Our fourth design inspiration of the week covers the impact of design on your mental health and well-being, from colors and aesthetics to the overall interior. For instance, it’s no secret that having natural light can increase vitamin D consumption, reduce headaches, and boosts energy, while artificial lighting sources do the opposite. Using mirrors to help amplify natural light is a huge help as well, as this offers ways to strengthen and adjust the natural light exposed to your interior. Your choice in home furniture too can directly reveal your personality and the arrangement as well. Nothing has to be symmetrical if your heart tells you; it’s your space and at the end of the day!


          5. Energized Spaces

            Raise a Mug to National Coffee Day with 7 Energizing Cafes, Interior Design



            While National Coffee Day occurs on September 29th, this is the perfect time to showcase these cafes boosting energy levels. Pictures above is the Full Circle Café located in Bali, outfitted with floating stairs leading to its whiskey bar on the second level. The lush greenery provides incredible scenery as Australia has a passion for flat whites and smashed avocado, which compliments the surrounding details accordingly. The ample open space offers plenty of room for collaboration or just inspiration for someone taking some time away from work. Whatever the case, this café is fit for the occasion. Check out the six other energized locations, and let us know your favorite in the comments below!

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