Top 5 Design Posts of the Week – Kitchen Inspirations

Top 5 Design Posts of the Week – Kitchen Inspirations - Architessa

Bon Appetit! July 25th brought us National Culinarians Day, so don’t forget to thank the chefs in your life this week, whether that’s by taking a trip to your favorite restaurant or giving the chef in your household some extra love. In honor of such a day, we’re showing off the world of kitchen design this week as we take you on a stylish sampling around the globe and tour some of the best kitchens and culinary setups. From small and modern, to restaurant level-quality, we’ve got your next kitchen remodel covered with everything you’ll need! And of course, for all of your kitchen backsplash needs, please visit and check out our gorgeous selection of tiles to best suit your taste and style! Enjoy this week’s tasty top 5 designs!

1. Cabinets, Countertops, Oh My!

Kitchen trends 2021 – 28 new looks and innovations for cabinets, worktops and more, Homes & Gardens



Our first featured article of the week you won’t want to miss, as it’s all about kitchen elegance created by countertops, cabinets, and more. While some people enjoy the timeless look of a white subway backsplash, others prefer to stay with the trends, and this is the article for you! One of the biggest interior design trends of the recent year was the use of slim slabs, which artistically can transform a wall into a work of art with ease. We loved the light gray marble look in this contemporary kitchen above, and the tall white cabinets create the illusion of more space, keeping this kitchen simple, yet stylish. For a better look at what makes a slim slab so beautiful, click here to check out our selections of the material!


 2. A Chef’s Dream at Home

Yellow Cloud Studio completes kitchen refurbishment for hosting at-home supper clubs, Dezeen 


Design firm Yellow Cloud Studio extended and transformed the lower level of a terraced residence in North London into a culinary wonderland complete with an adjacent dining area for hosting pop-up dinners at the house in Lower Clapton. One of the more noticeable features includes the skylight above the food preparation area, which offers natural illumination for the chef at his craft, and wooden cabinetry is accented by stunning marble work and counter spaces, while maintaining an open feel suitable for accommodating guests. Concrete flooring keeps the space feeling smooth and contemporary, and Japanese style shoji screens are featured lining the dining area. Check out the whole space for yourself in the link above and let us know your favorite part!


3. The Latest and Greatest Kitchen Design Trends

Kitchen trends 2021 – the latest kitchen design trends and ideas for the year ahead, Ideal Home


It can be a fun task to check back with predicted trends and see how they stand, especially in the world of interior design. Our third feature goes over some of the trends for kitchen design that were forecasted for 2021, and now we get to see which ones flourished or flopped. For instance, a industry movement was shaping towards kitchens being more compact and clever, which we’ve seen in a few renovations as homeowners slowly gravitated away from entertaining unused space. Without feeling cramped as well, compact and complex kitchens can be made easy by the installation of a breakfast bar, which a lot of homeowners stray away from due to it’s size factor, but it can be a versatile work station as well! Another trend that was expected was instant hot water, found in the form of hot-water taps that increased in interest by 25% in 2020. Check out the rest of these kitchen trends and see which ones came true this year in the link above!


4. Stunning Kitchen Designs to Inspire Your Next Renovation

50 Beautiful Kitchen Design Ideas You Need to See, My Domaine 


Our fourth featured article of the week shows off some of the best kitchen layouts and designs we’ve seen across the industry, featuring some truly amazing works of functionality among beauty. With 50 stunning kitchen inspirations to explore, we won’t ruin all the surprises, and be sure to check out the rest with your own eyes! One of our favorite ideas inspired by this article was #25, bringing in outside furniture to the kitchen for quick and easy storage solutions. You can even DIY as demonstrated in the picture, and adds some character and coziness to any space, the kitchen included! For many more stunning inspirations for your next kitchen re-design or renovation click the link above and let us know what you see in your home!


5. Why Did the Kitchen Cross the Pond?

The Hoxton crosses the pond and opens hotel in Williamsburg, Dezeen



The Hoxton, known for it’s collection of “Open House Hotels” across London, Europe, and more recently the United States, established it’s grounds in Williamsburg, New York in 2018, showcasing it’s latest outpost. Featuring rustic wood interiors among contemporary décor, and being built around a pre-existing historic brick structure, the building boasts of accommodations unlike any other …. Including it’s kitchen and bar. Shown above, the bar shows off it’s neutral tones while somehow still being a standout feature, as the tile backsplash and bar create such contrast without being too distracting. With 3 restaurants in total to check out, you can’t miss what The Hoxton has to offer, and be sure to check out the entire property in the link above!

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