Top 5 Design Posts of the Week – Back to Basics

Top 5 Design Posts of the Week – Back to Basics - Architessa


As the heat rages on in the dog days of Summer, it can be easy for us to “lose our cool” at minor inconveniences, and with the sun blaring down it feels as if there’s more pressure than normal during these sticky Summer days. If you find yourself having trouble relaxing recently or are just in need of a quick fresh start, we’ve got you covered with this week’s top 5 design inspirations! As July 12th marks National Simplicity Day, in honor of the late Henry David Thoreau, we thought it would be fitting to center our top 5 this week around getting back to the basics of design, and exploring the power a clean slate and relaxing interior can provide for your residence.

Though we’re not going quite as “simple” as Thoreau’s two-year period he spent at Walden while producing his aptly named novel, you’ll be sure to be feeling relaxed, recharged, and reset after checking out these designs laced with simplicity! As always, we love to hear your feedback in the comments, and we hope everybody was able to have a great week last week! Enjoy our top 5 design posts below!


1. Simple At-Home Sanctuary Ideas

15 Soothing decorating Ideas to Make Your Home a Stress-Free Sanctuary, Better Homes & Gardens 


Our first design inspiration of the week shows us some simple and soothing ways to add some relaxing feels to your own home, as it’s important to be able to feel comfortable and have a place to rest, recharge, or just relax in your own living space! Whether that be a chair and some good music, or perhaps you’re able to have an entire room dedicated as your own personal sanctuary, we’ve got you covered. Better Homes & Gardensoffers their stylings for a relaxing area, such as starting with a neutral color palette before graduating to creating clusters of colors, and who knew a fireplace could make all the difference when it came to coziness? Check out our first design post of the week and let us know your favorite part in the comments below!


2. Contemporary & Soothing Living Rooms

Ten contemporary living rooms with calm interiors, Dezeen 


For our second relaxing design inspiration we’re showing off some cozy and contemporary living rooms brought to us by Dezeen,and these you won’t want to miss. Soothing colors, natural materials, and aesthetics galore, these living rooms are as comforting as they come. Shown above, Australian interior design studio YSG opened the floor plan of this Sydney residence titled “Budge Over Dover House” to create a “fluid” sense of space, and by complementing the floor plan with dark wood, radiant marble, and brick flooring, this is simple luxury at its finest. Check out Dezeen’s nine other cool, calm, and collected living rooms in the link above!


3. Bathrooms Boasting of Relaxation

10 Tips For Creating An Ultra-Relaxing Master Bathroom, Elle Décor 


While finding a space to call your at-home “sanctuary” looks different for everybody, if there’s one place you should be able to feel relaxed and recharged it’s your bathroom. Fun fact: humans spend more than an average of 30 minutes a day, a yearly average of 182 hours, inside their own bathroom! Our third featured design inspiration from Elle Décor shows us a wide variety of options for adding some relaxation to your master bathroom, from functionality all the way to lighting choices. We featured this serene bathtub setup as it shows off the incredible view, but also highlights the importance of having diverse lighting options, as the natural light can really add a sense of comfort and serenity to any room, especially while you’re getting ready in the morning or evening hours. Check out the other tips on how to create your relaxing master bathroom and let us know your favorite styling in the comments!


4. Creating Comfort in the Backyard

11 Ways to Create a More Relaxing Backyard, the Spruce


While feeling comfortable in your home is important, the value of an exterior area to call your own and be able to relax in is priceless. Soaking in the sunshine, watching the snow pile-up, or just letting the dog out in the morning, its our exteriors that shape how an interior feels. Our fourth design inspiration of the week shows us how to add some comfort, serenity, and relaxation to your outdoor area, from organizational tips to water features and everything in-between! We loved the patios shown above, as it’s inviting, open, and offers enough seating for a small gathering without taking up a plethora of space. Just by adding some pillows and cozy quilts, you can transform a boring space into a relaxing sanctuary where you feel comfortable outside your home. Check out the 11 ways to add some relaxing touches to your exterior in the link above!


5. Zen Takeover

12 Easy Ways to Create a Calm and Peaceful Home, Veranda 


Our final featured article of the week offers us a variety of ways to add some more zen and serene elements throughout the entire home, without sacrificing your own design style. There’s a multitude of ways to add more calmness and peace to your design plan, including clearing the clutter and venturing with color! Of course by taking the 5 seconds to put something away instead of leaving it out, you’re not only providing yourself with a sense of personal satisfaction, but by keeping your space clean you’re helping manage the visual stress that clutter brings with it! We won’t give away the rest of these 12 simple tips, so be sure to click the link above and let us know your favorite one in the comments below! As always, we hope you enjoyed this week’s top 5 design inspirations, and we’ll see you next Monday!


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