Top 5 Design Posts of the Week - Pet Friendly Spaces

Top 5 Design Posts of the Week - Pet Friendly Spaces - Architessa


Happy Monday, Architessans! We hope you’re enjoying the warmer weather and getting ready for March 23rd - National Puppy Day! We thought this week we would feature some of our favorite designs revolving around pet-friendly interiors, and also showcase some of Architessa’s favorite four-legged friends!

Fun fact: Architessa allows showroom clients to bring their dogs into a few of our locations, and we love the occasional tail-wagger who comes by for some tile design tips. Our owner and CEO Betty Sullivan is the proud owner of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, aptly named Tessa. 


king charles spaniel in bathtub


As always, we love to hear your feedback in the comments section, and enjoy this week’s top 5 design inspirations!


1. Designer Dogs Takes on New Meaning

New Pet? No Problem: Secrets to Pet-Friendly Interior Design, Kathy Kuo Home

Amidst the ongoing pandemic, people are inviting furry friends into their families and homes. If you have an animal, you know what this entails. Kathy Kuo Home's article dives into special moments we can create for our beloved pets. Beds, safe spaces, and stain-resistant fabrics are the highlights of what we as pet-parents can offer them. These are reoccurring themes throughout our article selections, as one can imagine.

2. Design for the Whole (Furry) Family

Tips and Tricks For The Perfect Pet Friendly Interior Design, Trendir

Clean, indestructible, healthy, and fun - The ideal home for a pet. Trendir's article gives excellent interior design advice for the new pet owner. Decisions made selecting furniture, flooring, and window treatments can create a happy home for everyone. Custom built-ins with food and water bowls along with window seats are win-wins for aesthetics and happy pets. Gain insight into living stylishly and harmoniously with animals by reading through the article. You'll definitely learn something.

3. Design Fit for a Dog - and that's a good thing!

Aha! Design: The Organized Home, Dog-Friendly Edition, The Organized Home

In The Organized Home's article, they dive into a couple interior designs for dogs. The hidden doggy-door is a favorite of ours - let your furry friend have access to the yard without looking at a hole in your door. Genius! Organize your pet's toys, leashes, food, and grooming supplies in surprising and inconspicuous ways. It's all in the article. Read through it and let us know what you think.

4. Pampered Pooches

Unleashed Dog Spa / Square One Interiors, ArchDaily

We all want the best for our pets... Wait until you see this. In ArchDaily's article, they feature a Canadian dog spa designed to impress and pamper. Full-service retail, grooming, lounge, and play areas are expertly crafted with scratch-resistant and easy-to-clean materials. Read more about it and comment on your thoughts below.

5. Work Like a Dog

NBBJ Designs Bark's Ohio Office for Both Humans and Dogs, dezeen

Lastly, Dezeen features Bark's Ohio office, where employees can bring and work alongside their pets. The need to "withstand dirty paws and unplanned accidents" is reflected in their choice of material and space layout: durable and price-conscious plywoods and fabrics makeup offices and play areas. Let us know your thoughts and how you design to live with your animals!




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