Top 5 Design Posts of the Week – Southern & Country Design Inspirations

Top 5 Design Posts of the Week – Southern & Country Design Inspirations - Architessa


A little lesser known holiday in the month of July occurs on the fourth Saturday of the month, which brings us National Cowboy Day! While only New Mexico, Arizona, Oklahoma, Oregon and Mississippi have officially recognized the date as a holiday, cowboys and cowgirls were an integral part of American history and it’s important to remember who helped shaped life today as we know it.

In honor of these iconic trailblazers who explored and tamed a lot of the southern US, we’re taking a look at southern design inspirations for this week’s top 5 designs! From vast ranches to chic southern abodes, buckle your seatbelt as we take a drip down south and explore what designs shape their residences and lifestyles. Enjoy!


1. Timeless Southern Charm

The Best Southern Decorating Tips of All Time, Southern Living 


Our first trip down south is all about timeless southern charm, as Southern Livingtakes us through their best southern decorating tips of all time. Finding a way to accentuate your home without going too overboard into one category can be a challenge, as many homeowners love the feel of “southern charm” but don’t want to be completely engulfed in the style. By taking some of these tips and tricks into mind about southern style, your home can feel comfier and cozier while maintaining modernity. For example, one of their tips is to do exactly that, mix the old with the new, and create a personal haven that isn’t such an antique feel. For the rest of these design tips, click the link above and check out our first featured article!


2. Southern Living Room Stylings

14 of the Most Gorgeous Living Rooms in the South, Country Living

Our second southern feature of the week showcases some of the most stylish and charming living rooms the south has to offer, and what makes them so special in the south’s eyes. You’ll see one of the south’s favorite décor trends showcased first, which is thrift-store paintings and wall art. It goes to show you don’t have to break the bank in order to create a gorgeous living room, just some time and a good eye for matching colors. Another favorite of the south are their love for patterns, as showcased in the Georgia Log Cabin featuring checkered greys among green accent pillows to create a stunning living room. Check out the other 12 living rooms full of southern charm in the link above and let us know your favorite in the comments below!



3. Texas Infinity Pool Built Around Trees

Murray Legge's Texas pool house avoids and incorporates tree trunks, Dezeen 


While Texas might be known for its busy cities and vast ranches, on the eastern side of the state lies a backyard that’s straight from a resort in the Amazon jungle, as you’ll first notice the immense greenery surrounding the property. Murray Legge Architecture went as far as to shape the roof of the pool pavilion to flow around the tree trunks of the massive oaks that offer shade to the pool. The pavilion itself is home to a lounge area, as well as a lower-level kitchen and dining setup that flows over one roof. Looking anything but traditional, in terms of southern design, the infinity pool with sunken lounge chairs offers breathtaking views of the green scenery. You’ll have to see it to believe it, and trust us when we say it’s well worth the time to check out La Grange Pavilion for yourself. Let us know your favorite part of this stunning backyard in the comments below!



4. Riveting Ranch Renovations

Ranch House Love: Inspirations from 13 Ranch Renovations, Houzz

While some homeowners buy a home knowing it’s going to require some fixing, others are embracing the challenges that come with buying something so old and antique and transforming it into a space of their dreams. Enter: ranch renovations. Fun fact! Nine out of ten houses built in the 19502 in the United States were ranch houses, and as time went on this number would slowly decline until demand was met for a more modern style of housing across the country. While some of these ranches have collapsed with time, others stand, barely surviving, waiting for the right trained eye to seek out it’s former glory and transform the old into new. While we chose to showcase a ranch renovation located in California, of course ranch homes were vastly popular in the south, and we thought it was amazing to see how far the influence has spread. You wouldn’t believe this was once a crumbling shell of a ranch based on the photo above, and there’s 12 more amazing projects to see in the link above. Let us know which ranch renovation is your favorite!



5. Southern Essentials

The Essential Elements of Southern Design, The Cottage Journal


As we wrap up our trip through the world of southern design, we’re leaving you with everything you could need for a taste of southern coziness and comfort in your own home with our final featured article. While the south relies on open, inviting spaces, it’s not hard to make your home feel a little more cozier without breaking the bank or totally transforming your residence. Having décor with meaning, such as heirloom pieces or antique family decorations can give a room a lot of meaning and depth, and also adds character to any space. Also important to remember, a dedicated space for entertaining guests is always on the forefront of any southern home blueprint, because “what Southerner would have a guest over and not offer a beverage and a light nibble?”. We won’t ruin the entire realm of southern essentials, so be sure to check out the article and see for yourself what makes the south its own. Enjoy!

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