Top 5 Designs of the Week – Made in the USA

Top 5 Designs of the Week – Made in the USA - Architessa


With warm weather, time at the pool, and fireworks ready to rumble, it can only mean one thing: The Fourth of July! In honor of America’s day of Independence, which we hope everybody will have a chance to celebrate and enjoy some relaxing times with family and friends, this week’s top 5 designs cover all things red, white and blue! From some of the best American designers in the world of interior decorating, to American-themed interior design, and even some colorful tiles as well, we’ve got you covered in this week’s patriotic top 5 design inspirations! Also included, some of our favorite tile manufacturers who are based in the united states and some of their cool workspaces where they curate some of the most amazing tile for our outstanding clients. Don’t miss this weeks top 5 design inspirations below!


1. Southern Charm

A Southern Interior Designer Swears by These Tricks for Effortless Style, My Domaine


While southern design doesn’t dominate the realm across the country, it of course has its place and is well-known for it’s comforting feel and curb appeal. Our first design inspiration of the week offers up six easy ways to add some southern charm to your own home, such as the before-mentioned aspect of curb-appeal. Having your home appear inviting and open is a common element of southern design, as well as having fresh greenery inside the residence to bring some of the outside feel in. We won’t give up the rest of these southern design tips and tricks, but check out the full article with the link above and let us know your favorite part about southern design!


2. The Best in the U.S.A.

Top 10 American Interior Designers You Need To Know, LuxDeco 


Our second article showcases the top 10 American designers you need to know, according to LuxDeco.Shown above is a “serene” interior designed and developed by Martyn Lawrence Bullard, who’s been in L.A for over 20 years, and has become one of the go-to designers and interior stylists for celebrities in the area. Bullard’s work often includes elements and distinct pieces sourced from across the globe, as demonstrated above, and it’s just one of the factors that sets him apart from the competition, making his works truly unique to his identity. Check out the other top 9 American interior designers with the link above and let us know your favorite in the comments below!


3. Midwestern Design

8 Things You’ll Definitely Find in a Midwestern Apartment, Apartment Therapy


Though the corn is plentiful, and the fields seemingly never end, the mid-west has a lot more to offer in terms of design uniqueness than one might think. Our third featured article highlights what makes midwestern design its own, as we go over some of the key elements you can expect to find in any midwestern living space. For examples, beautiful built-ins can be expected to be found, as the Midwest offers plenty of storage options, eliminating the need for a heavy space-occupying bookshelf or a dresser. On top of the already reasonable rent prices, this makes mid-west living spaces desirable as incoming residents have an opportunity to make some money from their existing furniture they’ll no longer need. Besides the built-ins, don’t expect to see a lot of wall décor, as the Midwest traditionally keeps it simple when it comes to wall décor. Check out the other 7 elements of mid-wets design for yourself in the link above!


4. Cape-Cod Design Ideas & Inspirations

Cape Cod living room ideas – timelessly elegant ways to style your space, Homes & Gardens


Our forth inspiration of the U.S.A. world of design takes us to the East Coast, as we dive into the design world of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. By showcasing some of the coolest living rooms found in Cape Cod, we can develop an understanding of how it’s supposed to create a very homey feel, as the seating is ample and ready for conversation aplenty. There’s also plenty of beauty in the details, as the colors match and create a wonderful sense of flowing design throughout the rooms. Also to be expected in Cape Cod, the feeling of symmetry which provides yet again a sense of calmness and warmth, letting residents feel at-home, whether they are or not. Check out the world of Cape Cod design with the link above and let us know your favorite part!


5. Modern American Interpretation

American Interior Design Style: Colorful Classic in Modern Interpretation, Small Design Ideas 


Our final featured article of this week’s top 5 design inspirations goes over how American style was originated, and how it’s progressed through the years to evolve into a world of colors, character, and chicness. From the color schemes to layout ideas, and bedroom design ideas to life hacks on style implementation, our final feature has it all when it comes to American design. As unique as the world of design spans across the United States, elements of the origins followed most realm of design and it’s cool to see which elements make the cut and which have faded away with time, being replaced by more modern implementations. Check out the article for tons of design pictures and style suggestions!


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