Week of November 23rd, 2020 - The Best for Your Guest (Rooms)

Week of November 23rd, 2020 - The Best for Your Guest (Rooms) - Architessa

Top 5 Design Posts of the Week

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us here at Architectural Ceramics, and from our family to yours, we're wishing you well this holiday season. Though it may look different from years past, Thanksgiving will come and go just like every other year, except this time around you don't need to physically get up and leave the family conversation once it seemingly turns to politics, you can just press "mute" and watch the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving episode instead. Sorry Uncle Jim, my connection was terrible and I missed your 43rd recap of how you and Aunt Jodie met! All jokes aside, what better year to think about guest accommodations than this one, as you likely won't have many staying around this Holiday season. Sounds like the perfect time to check out our top 5 designs of the week, focusing on guest arrangements to make sure they're feeling right at home. Check out our selections below and get inspired for some guest-area renovations this upcoming season!

1. Home Away From Home

25 Guest Bedroom Ideas to Make Your Visitors Feel Right at Home, House Beautiful

Our first pick comes from House Beautiful,and offers some unique and non-traditional ways to accommodate for guests, whether you have an extra room or not. We love creative design, and were pleasantly surprised to see options like the one shown above - this is actually a homeowner's family room that they stuck a day-bed in and went crazy with the pillows, providing care and comfort all while maximizing space. Even if the bed's an issue, a couple of comfortable sofas or even bean bags if they're young-enough to not care about morning back pain will do the trick, and providing plenty of pillows never hurts as well! Check out their 24 other guest accommodations and let us know your favorite creative one in the comments below!

2. Your Guests Will be Impressed

20+ Guest Rooms That Are Sure To Impress, Elle Décor

Elle Decor brings us our next selection of guest room inspirations, and we love how elegant some of their options are. From the post, " A pair of upholstered Duane Modern chairs add a homey feel to this Connecticut guest bedroom", shown above, and there's something for every taste and budget in their 20+ designs. Another worthy mention could be #17, and although it's rather pricey, we loved seeing something so unique and rustic, not to mention the fact that the trunk shown in the center is from 1890. Check out their other options while you're at it and let us know which design inspiration speaks to you the most!

3. The Guide To Having a Great Guest Bedroom

How to Style the Perfect Guest Bedroom, the Spruce

Look no further than our third pick for some easy tips and design ideas to keep the guest area functional and fun. The beauty about guest rooms is that they're not hotels, so you can really add a sense of personal style and give the guest a taste of your own design interests by styling the guest room. Of course, that doesn't mean they're going to like it, and there's always that one family member you refuse to go and stay with because the creepy clown painting that resides in the guest room isn't going to give you nightmares again. It might not be that bad, but by following some simple tips such as "keep it cozy" and "pick a theme", you can maximize design while keeping it simple and comfortable.

4. They'll Never Want to Leave

21 Warm and Welcoming Guest Room Ideas, Architectural Digest

For more inspirations and less of a guide, we bring you our 4th pick of the week, Architectural Digest's 21 Warm and Welcoming Guest Room Ideas. Featuring some truly amazing works of design to create guest spaces fit for a king and queen, there's inspiration in every image. From American-oak beams in the above Wilshire, England home, to velvet bed-coverings in New Orleans, and everything in-between, there's something for everyone to be inspired by in their 21

5. Beauty in the Details

How to Create the Perfect Guest Bedroom, Swoon Worthy

Our last pick for this week's top 5 designs features a homeowner who was new to the designated space for visitors, and had to make sure she came up with a space that was functional and fun to look at. She goes into compete detail about every step she took along the process and everything she thought of design-wise, which eventually led her to a guest space she loves and one that her guests also adore. The room features a comfortable bed, as she stresses this is important, chic pillows and linen, and even towels that keep everything in the same color family. Check out how she pulled this off within a week of moving in (minus some later changes and additions), and soak up some inspiration for your guest room renovation!

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