Week of November 9th, 2020 - Kid's Rooms

Week of November 9th, 2020 - Kid's Rooms - Architessa

Top 5 Design Posts of the Week

As we further solidify ourselves in the Fall season, let's enjoy our sweaters that haven't been touched since March, hot apple cider by the fire after a long day, complete darkness by 6pm, and of course, the upcoming Thanksgiving tradition that probably looks a little different than years past.

Another thing to be celebrating this month, or something to distract you from politics for just 5 minutes, National Sesame Street Day on November 10th! Remember Bert & Ernie and their ever-valuable life-lessons, Elmo's laugh, and who ever could forget Count Dracula, Cookie Monster, Oscar the Grouch, and Kermit? The crew's celebrating their 51st season in 2020, and it's only fitting to honor them by dedicating our top 5 designs to some of the coolest kids spaces we could find. Featuring some supper-cool bedrooms, playful bathrooms and playrooms to make you wish you were 8 again, our top 5 design features inspiration for any parent of child looking to spice up their living spaces. Take a look at our picks below for some of the coolest kids spaces around!

1. Stylish and Functional Playroom Ideas For Any Space

Best 19 Kids Playroom Ideas for Every Taste and Space, the Spruce

Whether you've got tons of space to dedicate for a "playroom", or are trying to find room in an already crowded interior, the Spruce has you covered with their 19 playroom inspirations. From chic & sophisticated as shown above, to something a little more impromptu, see #6 balcony tepee, there's something for everyone in these 19 designs. Playrooms have come a long way since the days of a chalkboard and board games, and especially in recent times utilizing space in the home as efficiently as possible has made a huge impact on the design world and it's trends. With any one of these rooms to have as a kid, I don't think I'd ever be begging to go to the park.... especially if your playroom already has a slide! Check out their selections and let us know your favorite in the comments below!

2. Kids Bathrooms to Make Adults Jealous

20+ Kids Bathroom Designs Even Adults Would Adore, Elle Decor

Designing a kids bathroom should be fun and creative, and that's exactly what Elle Decor shows us. While appearing chic and stylish, these bathrooms designed for kids are stunning enough to make any adult jealous. Utilizing various color schemes and patters, a wide range of materials and finishes, and a whole lot of imagination are what make these bathrooms stand out from the rest. Our favorite might be Cheerful Green, #18, as we love the marble shower contrast against the lime green vanity. Check out there 20 selections and let us know what inspires you the most!

3. Kid's Bedroom Ideas So Cool They'll Thank You Later

25+ Elevated Kids' Room Decorating Ideas, Elle Decor

Cherish the days of them waking you up early because before you know it you'll be shaking them awake at noon on a Saturday, asking if they're planning on sleeping all day or joining the real-world. It's true a kids bedroom is something of upmost importance, as it's a space where they'll spend a lot of time and make important transitions in. From first date to first heartbreak, their room will always be their safe space and their "home" within the home. With that in mind, let's take a look at Elle's selection of 25 creative and stylish kids bedroom inspirations, worthy of kings and queens but made for kids nonetheless. Shown above is a Hampton location daughter's bedroom, fit with vintage laps and the neon peace sign, bringing all the colors together with a soft glow. Take a look at their selections and let us know which one you're most jealous of!

4. More Kids' Bedroom and Nursery Inspirations

54 Stylish Kid's Bedroom and Nursery Ideas, Architectural Digest

Continuing our kids' selections, let's double down on our bedroom selections and take a further look into some amazing sleeping spaces, designed for kids. With 54 different selections, Architectural Digest brings us 54 chances to become inspired and design a bedroom for children and younger kids. With aesthetics for anywhere, any space, and any style, consider this your complete guide to building your kids dream bedroom! Let us know your favorite below.

5. The Coolest Bedrooms for Kids - Making Adults Envious!

55 Kids' Bedrooms So Cool You'll Wish They Were Yours, House Beautiful

If the fort shown above doesn't make you wish you were 10 and on a sugar rush, we don't know if you're really a human being. All jokes aside, House Beautiful brings us our final selection for this week's topic, the coolest kid's spaces we could find. From simple to complex, dark to light, modern to classic, there's no shortage of design ideas for kids' bedrooms and living spaces, which means inspiration that's practically endless. Whether it's sports, music, reading, or just bright colors your child is interested in, there's no doubt an idea in here to make them excited about that bedroom renovation you've been putting off. Let us know your, or your kids', favorite design idea in the comments below!

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