Week of September 14th, 2020 - Latin American Design Influences

Week of September 14th, 2020 - Latin American Design Influences - Architessa

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September is Hispanic Heritage month and we are taking the opportunity to focus on the influence of Latin American Design. In more modern times, we’ve seen a shift towards just that – modernity within design. Chic, sleek, and seamless. However, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of warmth and hospitality brought on by warm colors and homey furniture seen inside many Latin American or Hispanic homes. The bright contrasting colors somehow create a sense of unity and invite you inside with open arms. It strays far from the modern and sleek looks of today’s top trends, but shouldn’t be seen as old or outdated by any means. Color is making a comeback as people begin to start expressing themselves again, not just sticking to the black and whites that are a “safe call”. Check out some Latin American design trends and influences below and take away some inspiration on maybe adding some more color into your life!

1. Latin American Contemporary

12 contemporary Latin American design studios to watch, Husk Design Decoder

Husk presents this article written by Julia K. Ardila, founder of Kriteria, a design publication devoted to changing perceptions of Latin America. Julia highlights 12 emerging Latin American Design Studios in order to share some perspective for new trends and inspirations. From the black modern marble look coming from Mexican designer Sofia Campos, to the more traditional color-contrasting of Panama City-based Fi by Sofia Alvarado, her writing details and depicts what to watch out for in every featured studio, as well as share insight on what makes it unique and how it radiates Latin American themes. With 12 studios to read up on and great pictures to admire, this is the perfect starting place for our Latin American showcase.

2. Influential Latin American Designers

Influential Latin American Interior Designers, DecorTips

Showcasing the likes of The Canana Brothers, Miguel Angel Aragones, Hernan Arriaga, and Sofia Aspe, DecorTips provides a brief background on these designers and their imprint on the Latin American Design World. Each of these designers bring their passion and talent to the table in their own unique ways, showcased through their stunning works and even awards in some cases (Aragones received the Excellence Award for his work on the Anadares Shopping Center project). The Favela chair produced by the Canana Brothers showcases their free reign of imagination and showcases their talent for using raw-materials. Check out the 4 showcased designers and admire their works and think about how you’ve seen these design influences in your own life!

3. Latin American Interiors

Interiors inspired by Latin America, HiPages

There’s a method to the madness of utilizing bright contrasting colors inside one interior space, and finally it’s here. HiPages brings us their style guide on interiors inspired by Latin America, featuring their unique use of colors. It breaks down the meaning behind each color from traditional Latin American values and beliefs and provides insight on the styles of different countries as well. For example, Brazil showcases more loud and bright colors due to their hosting of the Carnivale Festival, while Colombia focuses more on the tropical theme as it lies close to the Caribbean. Take a look at this read and soak up the images for some inspiration from Latin America and bring some design into your home the next time you’re considering a re-model or touch-up!

4. Mexican Designers to Keep an Eye Out For

Top Interior Designers Mexico, Brabbu Design Forces

Highlighting designers hailing from Mexico, Barbbu brings us their list of designers to keep an eye out for. Stunning interiors are displayed in this article, with praise going to Girdom Diesno, our personal favorite, among many others showcased in this piece. The pictures don’t do the works justice and I can’t imagine seeing just one of these stunningly-designed interiors in person, complete with a modern feel while still keeping it close-to-home with colors and styles. Check out the list of designers, their works and passions, and let us know your favorite in the comments below!

5. Mexico in the (New York) City

A Perfumer Channels Mexico in His West Village Hideaway, Architectural Design

“When stepping inside Carlos Huber's West Village apartment, the first thing one notices is that it smells divine. Like petrichor and vetiver; it's earthy, fresh, and woody—"like nighttime in a tropical garden in 1970s Acapulco," he says. The lush green jungle plants, sisal rug, playful color palette, and cameos of Mexican textiles in the living room do well to complete the mood; they're subtle references to his hometown of Mexico City.”

The introduction paragraph sums up Carlos’ NYC apartment to a T, highlighting his “hometown feel” in a city that’s not his “home”. He kept the original layout, built in 1889, and transformed the apartment into his vision of historic preservation. Having small bedrooms means he spends his time in the living room, separating work and relaxation, a much-needed aspect in today’s world. Check out his apartment and read all about his inspirations and personal style in the link and let us know your favorite part of the apartment in the comments below!

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