Week of August 3rd, 2020 - Library Design

Week of August 3rd, 2020 - Library Design - Architessa

Top 5 Design Posts of the Week

In the year of challenges and obstacles, we take on August like we have every wrench thrown our way, with a big smile and an open mind! Thinking about school in the Fall is never a fun thing for anybody, especially this year with plans up-in-the-air until the absolute last minute. Making the transition to an at-home online-based education can be made fun and easy with today’s resources at our fingertips, or perhaps you’re thinking about trying a home-based education system. Either way, there’s one school-necessity we look at this week, the library. From a single bookshelf and your favorite beanbag, to a grand display of thousands of bindings, there’s something for everyone’s inner bookworm in this week’s top 5 design posts!

1. Beautiful Libraries

The 20 most beautiful libraries in the U.S., Curbed

Walking the streets of any U.S. city or town you can marvel at the modernity of some architecture, and then turn the corner and you’re stunned by a Victorian-era church that remains standing in its original spot. There’s no rhyme or reason or overall sense of unifying design that screams “America” which is why our libraries also range in such a variety of styles and trends. Check out 20 list of the coolest libraries in the country, and admire the design as you imagine finding that perfect chair to read your favorite book on!

2. Step Into the Future of Libraries

Step inside the World’s 9 Most Futuristic Libraries, Architectural Digest

Leaping ahead a few light years, take a look at 9 futuristic libraries across the globe, featuring some truly amazing designs that somehow make me want to become a librarian. Featuring a virally-famous, ultra-tall Chinese library, to Arizona’s Arabian library, which is inspired by the slot canyons, there’s a library for everybody in this top 9 list. And maybe ultra-modern looking isn’t your style, and that’s fine with us as well. Maybe check out Berlin’s stunningly “eco-intelligent” library, and admire the futuristic increased energy efficiency!

3. Quick Ideas for Your Home Library

8 Fabulous Ideas for a Dream Home Library, Decorist

We know in today’s world getting to see one of the above-mentioned sights might be harder than we make it out to be, but have no fear! Libraries come in all shapes and sizes, and one of the most stunning features of any home is a gorgeous display of literature. We know everybody’s been at home for longer than they’d like, so what better time to start a renovation that will rejuvenate your home and your mind! Take a look at these 8 ideas for your dream home library, and get inspired for a new corner of your home!

4. 35 Gorgeous Home Bookshelf Ideas

35 Home Library Ideas with Beautiful Bookshelf Designs, Architectural Digest

Continuing along the theme of home libraries, this list offers 35cof the coolest home-library displays featuring some truly amazing concepts for housing paperbacks that are way off the beaten path. While public libraries tend to be vast and offer a sense of anonymity within gigantic ceilings and walls, a private home library offers a chance for a much more intimate and private setting. From something as basic as using modern-white shelving instead of the classic wooden bookshelf, or perhaps you’re more of a double-height library penthouse, there’s a library for everyone to admire in this stunning gallery!

5. Top Library Trends

Top 5 Library Design Trends, Demco Interiors

We’ve followed trends for stadiums, new-home buying, quarantine living, and you thought we’d let you get away without reading about the top 5 Library Design Trends? Have some faith! Dive into Demco’s read about 5 trends libraries have been utilizing in recent years, and take some inspiration away for your library to ensure you’re staying current! From something as easy as using light and open-air spaces, to diving into the details of utilizing unfixed flexible spaces, there’s a trend for all in our last featured article of the week! Enjoy, and find your inner bookworm!

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