Week of January 25th, 2020 — Mosaic Tile Designs

Week of January 25th, 2020 — Mosaic Tile Designs - Architessa

Top 5 Design Posts of the Week

Happy Monday to all the fellow tile-enthusiasts and designers out there! January 29th brings us a holiday that's come to be more appreciated during COVID-19 lockdowns – National Puzzle Day! We thought this was the perfect occasion to share one of our favorite tile uses, the tile mosaic. This week’s top 5 designs feature the coolest mosaic designs we could find for your viewing pleasure, as well as some insight as to what exactly makes up a tile mosaic, and why we love them so much!

As always, take some time to read our input then check out the link for the full article and additional pictures! We hope everybody has a safe and healthy start to 2021 and can’t wait to see what else we accomplish this year!

1. Mosaics For All

Mosaic Tile Designs That'll Thrill You to Bits, Houzz

Starting off this week's top 5 designs, we turn to our friends over at Houzz, as they show off some of their favorite and unique mosaic tile designs, and explain what exactly makes up a tile mosaic. The beauty of mosaics are that the design opportunities are infinite, and anything is possible in terms of size, patterns, mixing materials, and color combinations. They even go over some of the intricate ways mosaic tile designs are installed, which is fascinating and provides light into what makes these designs so unique compares to normal tile. Check out the link above for a full spread of their favorite mosaic designs (trust us, you'll want to see these pictures) and let us know your favorite in the comments below!

2. Mosaic Tile Magic

The Magic of Mosaic Tiles, Mansion Global

Our second feature of the week discusses and shows off the many uses for mosaic tile designs and offers some insight as to how to properly place and design a mosaic so it has the most effect in your space. While getting creative is one of the most important aspects of any mosaic design, considering the space where it'll eventually call home is an important factor not to be overlooked. For example, “In the bathroom, an art wall can be created based on the theme of the space. Outside of the bathroom, artistic displays work as well. In a library, a tiled map or relevant scene is a great option." Check out the link for more mosaic pictures and design inspirations!

3. Open-Office or Cocktail Lounge?

PDR Gives Savills A Sophisticated, Lounge-Like Office, Work Design Magazine

As we've seen with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, office buildings and spaces aren't what they used to be, and cubicles are becoming more and more of an antique. As one of the world's top commercial real-estate providers, Savills needed the ultimate office space that was warm and inviting for potential clients, and the result was a sophisticated, loft-like office with energized spaces and plenty of room for collaborating and brain-storming. From morning until close there's features for all, including a coffee bar and a bar space for happy hours with clients. Check out the whole office in the link above and take note of the special custom floor-mosaic they feature in the picture above!

4. Mosaics of Culture

Audacity at the Maraca Restaurant in Santo Domingo, Tile Magazine


Located in Santo Domingo, the Maraca Restaurant showcases mosaics unlike any other you've seen, as these stunning pieces of art might make it hard to focus on the food! From Tile Magazine:

"The work, entirely handmade by the Sicis mosaic masters, was born from the collaboration with the artist Willgom, one of the most talented illustrators of Santo Domingo... This work represents the pride of the Dominican woman and is made with the technique of artistic mosaic using tesserae from the Murano glass collections. It fits perfectly with the rich, multicolored interiors of the restaurant, giving it further personality and elegance."

Give the link a click and check out this rich and heritage-filled art in the pictures provided, and next time you're in Santo Domingo be sure to check out the work in person!

5. How Mosaics Can Transform Drab to Designer

Designer Courtney McLeod Turned a Drab Bathroom Into an Art Deco Dream — Here's How, My Domaine

makeover of the week - Courtney McLeod bathroom mosaic wall

Purchased by actor Hill Harper in 2017, this Boston-Edison District 1992 mansion embarked on a 3-year transformation that included this stunning guest-bathroom renovation, featuring the sleek mosaic shown above. The before and after pictures look like a skin-care commercial where you know they just hired other actors for the before/after shots, except this bathroom renovation was no Hollywood trick. From drab to designer, this mosaic ties together the bathroom with elegance, elevating the house with it's creative aspect. Check out the before and after pictures for yourself and marvel in the beauty of this stunning mosaic

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