Week of July 6th, 2020 - National Parks & Design

Week of July 6th, 2020 - National Parks & Design - Architessa

Top 5 Design Posts of the Week

With the 4th of July fireworks show still fresh in your memory, time to take some relaxation and round up the family for a getaway to somewhere a little less busy. With July being National Parks Month, what better time to appreciate what nature has to offer by visiting one of 419 (and counting!) National Parks here in the United States! Check out 5 park-themed design articles below for some inspiration!

1. Yellowstone River House

Montana House HUUM sits beside the Yellowstone River, dezeen

Hughesumbanhower Architects (HUUM) really thought of everything when designing this stunning Montana home. From being built on a raised plinth to minimize flooding concerns, to keeping an open feel and maximizing natural light with large windows, the house boasts a striking sense of modernity while keeping a natural sense of the land that surrounds it. HUUM descried the design as "recall the unexploited American West of a century ago". Check out some more stunning photos and read all about the features from Dezeen.

2. Bringing the Outdoors In

How to Bring the National Parks Into Your Home, HGTV

Perhaps you find yourself more of a "glamper" than an actual camper, and that's totally fine! No reason to sleep in a tent when the Ritz is 5 miles down the road, right? Everyone has their own sense of adventure, and there's ways to incorporate that wonderful sense of nature while being a respectable distance away from bears or having to wash your clothes with rainwater. Check out HGTV's quick gallery of some inspirational designs to get you inspired on ways to bring some National Park feel to your favorite indoor space.

3. Grand Landscape Inspiration

Aesthetic inspiration from a Grand Landscape, National Park Foundation

Located in the Grand Canyon, antique looking "Hermit's Nest" plays off local scenery and blends in better than a tumbleweed in an overdrawn quiet one-road movie scene. Used as a gift shop in more recent years, the building was designed by Mary Colter, one of 22 female architects in the nation in 1980. She went on to be one of the top interior designers in the country, working for Fred Harvey Architects during her career in Architecture and Design. Check out some more amazing pictures of the Nest and read more about Mary Colter and her works from the National Park Foundation.

4. Cottonwood Canyon Design Inspiration

Barns and ranches inform Signal's design of Experience Center in Orgeon state park, dezeen

Located in the "rugged and fragile" landscape of Cottonwood Canyon in Oregon, the Experience Center lies with a metal and wood finish. Built to provide a master plan for recreational activities within the park, the compound houses 6 cabins and bathing facilities, as well as a separate space for venue-style events and education. Built and designed by Seattle firm Signal Architecture + Research, the Experience Center has a sleek modern feel while bleeding in seamlessly to it's landscape, such as the gabbled roof. Check out some more stunning pictures and more features of the Center in the article by Dezeen.

5. National Parks Color Palette

18 Color Palettes Inspired by National Parks, HGTV

Provided by HGTV, check out these color palettes that were inspired by 18 different National Parks from around the country! Featuring some moods inspired by the likes of the Smokey Mountains and Grand Canyon National Park, there's something from every corner of the country to get inspired by to bring some national park feel inside your home. Using colors that remind us of a certain image or place and recalling back a sense of peace can be great for refreshing a dull room, or for turning a rarely-used room into a new favorite. Check out these 18 palettes and read up on the description of each for some information on why the colors were chosen for each park.

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