Week of August 31st, 2020 – Southern Hospitality & Design

Week of August 31st, 2020  – Southern Hospitality & Design - Architessa

Top 5 Design Posts of the Week

September 5th brings us the annual Kentucky Derby, America’s favorite holiday to celebrate a sporting event that lasts under 3 minutes. A brief history and a fun fact about the derby - it began in 1872 when William Clark’s grandson Lewis Clark traveled to Europe and attended their own Epsom Derby in England, which eventually led him to be inspired to create America’s own version, the Kentucky Derby. On May 17th, 1875 the Louisville jockey club opened its doors and sponsored the first ever Kentucky derby.

We’re looking forward to sporting our Sunday best all from the comfort of our couch this year. And of course, pretending like we know which horse will win and then being gravely disappointed when we’re wrong. But such are the games we play.

Inspired by its Southern roots and the history of horse-racing, we turn to our top 5 design posts of this week, featuring some southern-style charm that’s full of character and inspiration. Check out our top 5 southern picks, and take away some inspiration as you watch the horses make their left-hand turns this week!

1. The Modern Southern Charm

This Alabama Lake House Is Designed For Laid-Back Living, Southern Living

This stunningly modern lake house looks as if it belongs on the cover of Architectural Digest, yet here it is being featured in Southern Living. Talk about a “new normal”, we’ve seen all shapes and sizes of the lake house this Summer, but nothing was as shocking as finding this gorgeous home tucked right outside Birmingham, Alabama. It comes as no surprise that homeowner Hampton Stephens is an architect by training, as demonstrated by the home’s sense of duality - a “main house” featuring a kitchen and living area, as well as a guest-room, and then a pathway that connects to the “bunkhouse’, which features 2 stories of bedrooms, including the master suite on top. Check out the galley of stunning photos and try to hold back your jealousy, as you take in the wonderful architecture and admire the new, modern southern charm.

2. Living Rooms of the South

14 of the Most Gorgeous Living Rooms in the South, Country Living

Speaking of southern charm, nothing says it quite like a stunning display of tasteful decorations, some inspirational sayings, or a clean-white couch with accent pillows in the living room. As business often requires 15 minutes of “chit-chat” before anything concrete was discussed, southern homeowners fiund themselves sitting in their living rooms often, so it’s no surprise that these living rooms are truly for living. Enjoy 14 of the South’s tasteful living room presentations, and immerse yourself in the diverse selection of styles!

3. Southern Design Tips by a Southern Designer

A Southern Interior Designer Swears By This Trick for Effortless Style, My Domaine

Designer Courtney Bishop out of Charleston, South Carolina, has been told she’s “mastered modern Southern Style”. With over 15 years of experience detailing and designing southern homes, she offers her top three tips for achieving that southern charm look, as well as a lot of other useful information and insight. From the often overlooked “curb-appeal” angle and its importance to always having fresh greenery within eyesight from the front door, she comes prepares with her style guide and offers so much inspiration for those looking to add some Southern flair to their home. Check out her tips and tricks and admire the pictures for some down-south inspiration that’s sure to have you craving some collard greens and sweet tea with Grandma!

4. The Porches of the South

Great Southern Porches, Garden and Gun

After recently completing a cross-country road-trip, we can attest that the porch is something the South has on lockdown completely. Not to say the rest of the country doesn’t enjoy a nice porch, but there’s something about a porch in the South that screams character and Southern style. Enjoy the slideshow of “great southern porches” provided by the Home and Garden section of the magazine, and admire the tasteful landings the south has to offer. From modern and clean, to vintage and lived-in, we bet there’s a porch for everyone to stop and admire in these photos. Become inspired to add some Southern taste to your porch this Fall!

5. How to Style Your Porch, No Matter the House

43 Porch Ideas for Every House Style, The Spruce

Wrapping up this week’s top 5, we bring you the style guide on porches, something we’ve established as a Southern necessity. Coming from The Spruce, enjoy 43 ideas for a porch no matter the house style, and learn all about what makes a porch a porch, or exactly the opposite. With a plethora of options and stylings to see, there’s inspiration to be found in every slide for your next porch build or renovation. We recommend anything screened in as to minimize unwanted intruders such as mosquitoes and flies during warmer-weather seasons, but nothing wrong with an adjoining outdoor natural stone patio to provide the “true breath of fresh air”. Enjoy the 43 unique selections of porches and take away some inspiration for your next outdoor space!

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