Week of June 24th, 2019 - Designing with White

June 24, 2019

Week of June 24th, 2019 - Designing with White - Architessa

Is white a color? Of course! Well, at least in the world of interior design.

White provides an excellent backdrop for more dramatic colors or can work to create a clean, minimal look. Not only is white extremely versatile thanks to being the most neutral of neutral colors, it also evokes all sorts of emotions and associations. White makes us think of clean linens, romantic wedding dresses, and sleek modern technology. The versatility is just one reason why white has been a staple of interior design for ages and will continue to be a familiar go-to.

We've picked our top 5 design articles of the week that use white elements to very different effect.

1. Transformed Colonial Home

Fall in Love with this White Colonial Revival, Southern Living

Singer-songwriter Holly Williams transformed this Colonial Tennessee house into a family-friendly home full of natural light and plenty of updated touches. Brass touches like those in the kitchen make a great complement to a heavily white room.

2. Harmony and Unity with White Balance

Principles of Design: Harmony and Unity, Hatch Design

It’s great to see design principles in action in spaces like the Bipa office and Camper Shoe Store. What Hatch Interior Design calls harmony and unity can also be described as repetition and balance. Don’t’ forget that a little bit of variety can add a needed element of excitement! The white in this office design provides some visual rest from otherwise exuberant squares of purple and green.

3. Product Focused

Pop Up Store, Arch Daily

This New York pop-up boutique lets their product shine through with a minimal, white store design that evokes the feel of a Mediterranean rooftop. If you ever get a chance to visit the Greek island of Mykonos, you’ll see the resemblance!

4. Minimalism in White

New Minimalist Headquarters for Billie, Design Milk

We feel zen just looking at this bright, open office design from Michael Yarinsky Designs. The Billie headquarters look feels true to their brand with a clean, no frills workspace.

5. White Noise

Don’t Dampen Office Noise. Direct It to Become Part of Your Workplace Culture,

Being in the tile industry, we tend to think about design very visually – but this is an important reminder that design should take all our senses into consideration. The CEDC offices blend white contemporary elements with warm wooden and industrial accents for a style that incorporates their company history along with mindful acoustics.

Our friendly, knowledgeable staff is always happy to help advise on tile design. Visit one of ourDC, MD, or VA tile showrooms for a free tile design consultation.

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