What's New at AC?

What's New at AC? - Architessa

April 2016, Rockville, MD - Architectural Ceramics has added some very exciting new lines of tile in 2016, and we can't wait to show it off! We've got several new products to tell you about below! (ps: if you want up to the minute news on the latest products, sign up for our weekly newsletter here!)


Brocade Chevron- Brocadeis a 'class of richly decorated fabrics', so we thought it was the perfect name for our upcoming waterjet mosaics which will be a collection of various patterns. The first two are the classic herringbone and arabesque mosaics, and now we've introduced the chevron pattern as well! See this and more Brocade patterns on our website. brocade chevron


Weathered Wood - Weathered Wood is an extruded porcelain tile designed to look like an age old floor. The multiple sizes and colors make for a great custom installation. This porcelain uses recycled content and has a natural finish. It comes in the colors Blanc, Terra, Cendra, and Negre. See it on our website here. amb_blanco_hex_lowres.large amb_negro_cendra_y_blanco_2.large int_retro_tierra.large Milk & Honey - Milk & Honey transforms bright and warm components of nature into contemporary architecture. The 4 x 12 size brings a unique element to traditional marble by mixing six different textures. See it on our website here. milk-and-honey2.large milk-and-honey3.large Scottish Highlands - Scottish Highlandsis a rustic porcelain tile with a contemporary wood look. It comes in brown, white, and beige in the perfect 12 x 24 size. See it on our website here. Scottish Highlands Fern- Fernis a wood replica in porcelain tile is stunningly real. It comes in a 6x48 plank and a 4x24 parallelogram so you can make a chevron pattern. When ordering please note the chevron pattern requires 2 SKUs, the right and left piece of the chevron to install correctly. Also, please note there is a lot of range in a single color. See it on our website here. Fern Portfolio Fern Blanket- Blanketis a collection of fine porcelain field and mosaics that adds a soft touch to any space. Named after a blanket for its solid clean lines. It comes in the colors white and sand, with a soft matte finish. See it on our website here. Blanket Split


Jacket- Jacketis a collection of 5 warm glass colors that will go with anything! It is a collection of custom colors designed by Architectural Ceramics to capture the most popular home decorating colors. See it on our website here. 1 2 Quilt- Quiltis a slim fused glass mosaic collection with a 4mm thickness. The texture on the front and back along with the acid washed and metallic finishes creates a modern, edgy mosaic. See it on our website here. geordg_install.large Lines- Lines is a stained glass tile that has been around for a bit, but we just added 3 new colors in 2 new sizes! Lines is inspired from stained glass windows because there is movement in each piece of glass which gives this series something special. This series was designed by Architectural Ceramics and gets its name from the 1/3" thin glass tiles making this tile look thin and linear. See it on our website here. Lines in 2 Lines For more information on purchasing or sampling a product found in this blog post, please email or call/visit any of our six showrooms throughout Maryland and Virginia.

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