4 Trending Kitchen Remodeling Projects for 2021

4 Trending Kitchen Remodeling Projects for 2021 - Architessa

Have you been in dire need of a kitchen remodel but can’t decide on the best options available? Understandably, good design is subjective but recent 2021 kitchen remodeling trends can finally help you make that decisive change. It’s high time to look for aesthetically appealing choices to create a new vibe for your kitchen this 2021.

Understanding the different parts of your kitchen and analyzing how they form a harmonious ensemble to create beauty is essential. Various trending kitchen remodeling projects for 2021 rely on the variety of these parts. Read along to gain essential tips.

1. Wall Design

The walls of a kitchen form a vertical appeal that always blends with cabinets, furniture, countertops, and floors. 

Wall Tiles

If your kitchen’s walls are designed with paint or wallpaper, it’s time that you consider the use of tiles. The natural effect of tiles provides an impactful design that can serve as the highlight of the room. The portion of the kitchen that would benefit the most from this type of material is the backsplash of the counter. The wall beside the counter and the cabinets will have a more aesthetic appeal if installed with wall tiles. 

The variety of options fromnatural stone, glossy, or matte make tiles very popular for interior design. There are even combinations of accent tiles that blend with certain colors. If you’re having a hard time deciding then wall tiles should be on top of your list for trending kitchen remodeling projects for 2021.

2. Floor Design

Advancements in floor technology have grown over the past few decades such asin floor heat insulation. Considering these changes for your home would be an intelligent thing to do. When it comes to aesthetics and functionality, your kitchen would benefit from floor tiles. They are not just easy to clean but they offer a more natural and soothing effect.

Floor Tiles

Choosing among floor tiles requires a keen eye for design. Considering the theme of your kitchen is key to pick the best floor tiles. Whether you opt for a minimalist style, rustic style, or a contemporary look, always keep in mind that your flooring covers a huge portion of your kitchen. The aesthetic effect of your floor dictates a huge part of your kitchen’s overall design. Among the most recommended tiles are porcelain tiles. 

3. Countertop Design


Aside from the walls and floors, another essential part of the kitchen’s design is the countertop. Whether your kitchen is designed with an open plan or if there is an island in the middle, the importance of the countertop’s design greatly affects the whole look and feel of the area.

Quartz Countertops

One of the most trending kitchen design options for 2021 is the use of quartz countertops. Compared to granite, quartz can be made to showcase a uniform appearance. Having a quartz countertop can offer a more consistent and even look. In addition, quartz is not porous and resists bacteria effectively. Nevertheless, you should still knowhow to clean quartz countertops properly. The non-porous nature of quartz makes it ideal for countertops not just for kitchens but also for bathrooms. 

Quartz is also better than granite because it can be created using recycled and local minerals, unlike granite that needs to be mined and transported long distances. Quartz is more environmentally friendly and more durable. Due to its durability, it usually has better warranties. 

4. Safety Features

Aside from the aesthetic improvements for your kitchen remodeling projects for 2021, it would be smart to include safety features in your design. 

Grab Bars

Among the best additions that you can include are ADA grab bars. Adding grab bars in fall-prone areas could help assist in making any home safer, especially for senior residents or for those with existing disabilities. It is important to acquire not just any grab bar but ADA-compliant grab bars to make sure that they are completely safe to use. This would be a welcome addition that could be beneficial for long-term use. Check out Accessible Improvements for more information on ADA-compliant grab bars and necessary accessories.

Smart Kitchen Remodeling for 2021

Considering aesthetics, functionality, and safety in every design offer a lot of benefits for end-users. You can apply the mentioned trending kitchen remodeling projects for 2021 mentioned above to make an instant impact in your home. You could also choose fromdifferent types of interior doors to match the theme of your kitchen. 

Applying these remodeling tips for your kitchen could provide a fresh or renewed vibe. The kitchen is one of the most important parts of any house and keeping this area clean and beautiful should be among your top considerations. Choosing the best materials not just for beauty but also for functionality is essential. Considering the long-term effects should also be critical to your remodeling decisions. Not only will you be saving money but also time and effort.

Natalie Akins is an editor for theInnovative Building Materials blog and a content writer for the building materials industry. She is focused on helping fellow homeowners, contractors, and architects discover materials and methods of construction that save money, improve energy efficiency, and increase property value. 

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