Babies, Home, and Tile

Wow! A lot has happened since I wrote last. My brother and I both had babies AND on the same date, 4/6/14. I think that must be some sort of record, because how often do you hear of cousins having the same birth date and birth year. My husband and I finally found the perfect home and settled 4/18/14. I can't wait to share renovation photos in the coming weeks. We're moving in this Friday! The last few weeks have been spent getting the house ready to live in. Last but not least, we launched a new tile line called Brocade that my mom and I designed (see details below). I have to say designing tile like this is the funnest part of my job and maybe writing this blog :) Of course I have to start with the most important thing, babies :). My 2nd son, Oliver, born 2:20am, 8 lbs 6 oz, 21 inches (who would have thought we would have a tall baby since my husband and I aren't tall). P.S. Siblings give the cutest nick names! Oliver's new name is 'Bover' because Ben doesn't quite know how to pronounce it yet. My brother did the same thing with me, I was Steaner / Beaner...eventually it turned into just Stina (and that's what I'm still called today by close friends and family). This is Oliver a couple days after leaving the hospital. oliver This is my boys on Mother's Day: ben & oliver My brother's daughter, Shaylen, was born the same day at 9:21am, 6 lbs 14 oz. Here she is modeling our new Brocade line! My brother now has two girls, his older daughter is just a few months older than my son Ben. photo The next fun thing is the is a fixer upper, foreclosed property, on 5 acres, with a pond, a canal in the back, and a pool. It feels like a lodge-style retreat. Here are a couple photos (prior to any renovations). I can't wait to share some renovation photos with you in upcoming blogs. We're going to turn it into a more cottage style feel, new paint, sand / paint kitchen cabinets, farmhouse sink...potentially white wash fireplace although we're torn on that. Funny story about the house, we were told we need to shock the well, so we had the instructions on how to do it from online, we got all the supplies, and we were out there with the kids, my husband, and my in-laws tonight attempting it. The instructions essentially say to pour bleach down the well, then turn on all the faucets until you smell chlorine. Well, we're there with the faucet running waiting to smell chlorine (which never came)...when we realized that the well filtration system has a chlorinator and de-chlorinator to get rid of the sulfur smell! So, we were trying to chlorinate water that can't be chlorinated. Oh boy, we're in over our heads. Anyways, tomorrow we will be disconnecting the de-chlorinator and re-shocking the well. mallard4mallard3 photo Last but not least is our new waterjet tile line! This line is one that we have been working on for a year, called Brocade. It consists of 13 patterns: 5 which are in-stock in pre-selected colorways. All stock material can be found on our website here. Of the 13 patterns, my mom Betty Sullivan designed two, then 3 were just go-to patterns, and I designed the rest. Details on all patterns can be found here. The neat thing about this waterjet line is that 1) its much more affordable than other high-end waterjet patterns out there, 2) you can design your own colorway (we have a selection of 36 stones and 8 glass options), 3) there are some gorgeous stock options if you don't want to wait the lead time! I wanted to share some of my personal favorites (if I'm allowed since I designed them) :). Calligraphy (shown in Thassos and Bianco Venatino). This is one that we actually decided to stock. Calligrpaphy-Thassos-P + Carrara Venatino-P Cathedral (shown in Calacatta Chablis and Coffee Stone). This is a classic pattern found in stained glass. Cathedral-Calacatta Statuario-P + Coffee Stone Dark-P Ovals (shown in Naturals Cliff glass and Calacatta Gold). We also decided to stock this pattern as well. Ovals Lastly, Riad (shown in Moonstone and Bianco Venatino). I actually think this one is my most favorite out of all of them and I love it in this colorway. We are stocking this one as well.Riad Grouted Board What do you guys think of this new series? Let us know!

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