Basketweave is the New Weave

It's funny, basketweave has been around for ages, but recently there has been a resurgence of it. Literally 3 of our top selling stones are this white marble with grey dot basketweave mosaic. If you like the basketweaves below, here are some ideas of how you could install it.
  • You could do the entire bathroom floor (I probably wouldn't do the shower floor though, just the main room area).
  • You could use a 1/2" flat liner to frame out a rectangular area of basketweave on your bathroom floor with a solid field tile on the outside of the liner.
  • I have seen basketweave framed out as an accent in backsplashes as well, but I'm personally not a fan of basketweave on walls or backsplashes. I prefer them on the floor.
The first one is this mini-basketweave look from our Park Place series.
basketweave Park Place Basketweave Mosaic
Secondly, is a brand new stock item in our Calacatta Chablis collection. Their is actually a beige dot option as well. I think that grey is starting to be phased out by warmer grey's and beige's. Things were maybe starting to get too 'cool'. :) I'm working up the design for our master bathroom now and the beige dot basketweave is high on my list for the floor tile.
chablis basketweave with grey dot Calacatta Chablis Basketweave Mosaic
Lastly, this white & grey marble basketweave which has a little less contrast between the larger pieces and the dot.
topcubasketweave White / Grey Marble Basketweave Mosaic
Have a great rest of the week! I'm going to be taking off with my husband and 2 sons tonight for an 'all nighter' drive to Tennessee for my cousins wedding. I'm so excited for the trip! (not the drive). We figured the kids would sleep on the drive if we did it over night, so it would be easier in the long run. My son is going to be the ring bearer, he has the cutest grey suit. I will post some pictures when I get back. Bye Y'all in true TN fashion.

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