Cementing The Latest Trend In Design: Cement Tile

October 26, 2016

Cementing The Latest Trend In Design: Cement Tile - Architessa

This cement tile floor perfects a gorgeous white kitchen
Wait…Cement Can Be Tile? Cement tiles are an ingenious combination of cement, marble powder, water, sand, pigments, time and patience. Manufactured in the mid-nineteenth century to cover floors with novel designs, bold colors, and to withstand footprints and the passage of time. A technique that uses a mold to make designs in many colors and a press to harden the tiles without requiring heat. The absence of kilns and high temperatures in the manufacturing process differentiates these tiles from other pavers. Cement tiles are therefore considered to be a ‘green’ or ecological product because the elements and process required for manufacturing them are natural. Manufacturing cement tiles is a pure art form that has been passed on from generation to generation. Each piece that leaves our warehouse bears the pride of these artisans for whom these tiles represent; not only the fruit of their labor, but also the heritage of a tradition. As these tiles are the work of artisans, slight imperfections, irregular edges and the appearance of fine crazing lines are inherent to this product. These characteristics add to the tiles natural appeal and do not compromise its performance. Cement tiles can be buffed to appear smooth, almost polished though not in a reflective sense, as well as unpolished, which has a gritty texture to it. What Are My Cement Tile Options? Architectural Ceramics sells several varieties of cement tile in different colors, sizes, and patterns--including custom options! Check out some of the patterns below: calypso_3-lowres-large weave_4-lowres-large tilt_6-lowres-large kinetic_2-lowres-large sofia_2-lowres-large See more options here. Can I Choose What I Want? Yes—it’s ALL custom! When selecting cement tile for your design, you’ll be able to choose your own colors and patterns to be manufactured to ensure you get exactly what you’re looking for. Our sales team ( can help you by providing color swatch options and a rendering of colors you select with the pattern as well.
9patterns-large These are only a few examples of patterns and colors you can add
Why Cement Instead of Porcelain? Placed on the ground, walls, or roofs; anything cement tiles cover becomes art. However, cement tile is so much more than a pretty surface. It’s known for its great durability, strength and versatility, are suitable as wall and floor coverings for residential and commercial environments – and appropriate for both interior and exterior applications, based on weather conditions. While porcelain is well regarded for its durability, it is still no match for cement. Aside from it’s long-lasting durability, the care and maintenance is easier than ever! Cement tiles should be regularly mopped with clear water. A cap-full of liquid wax may be added to the water to improve the tiles natural sheen, though it’s not necessary. The only warning—no acid cleaners! Use a PH neutral cleaner and fine grit sandpaper to remove any stains or residues instead. See our cleaners here. checkmate_1-lowres-large How Do I Install Cement Tile? Just like natural stone installations, it is recommended to dry-lay & pull pieces at random from different boxes during installation in order to achieve a better distribution and blending of the material. See our installation materials here.
  • To ease the grout cleaning process during installation, seal your tile before adhering to act as a grout release.
  • Cement tile is porous. It is recommended to seal tile 24 hours after grouting & again after 72 hours. Use Miracle 511 Porous Plus. A color-enhancing sealer will bring out the original colors. Most manufacturers will recommend sealing with Dry Treat stain proof original sealer which can be purchased online.
  • Recommended grout joint is no smaller than 1/8
  • If storing the tiles before installing they must be kept away from moisture.
The Cement Tile Manufacturer’s’ Association has produced detailed information and instructions about installation that can be found here. bluff_5-lowres-large For further questions on choosing the best cement tile options for your home or design, please contact our Sales team

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