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Paving with Porcelain - Architessa

light-gray6.large February 2016 - Rockville, MD - Twice as thick as most tiles, Garden 2cm is one of Architectural Ceramic's first outdoor pavers. Despite its exterior purpose, it is actually made out of porcelain, affording it all the same benefits – being frost-resistant, skid-resistant, durable and easy to clean – yet Garden 2cm has an incredibly high breakage load (up to 2,000 pounds). But the best part about them is truly their appearance! These pavers look like wood or slate, rather than the regular drab cement pavers you'd see in most nurseries or home improvement stores. Besides their ruggedness and easy to install simplicity, the beauty of these pavers is what makes it stand apart from any others. light-gray2.large It can also be dry laid onto grass, gravel, bare earth and sand – or onto terraces and roofs using raised supports – without grout, adhesives or specialized workers, making installation incredibly easy. sabbia.large ELDORADO_low res WHAT IS GARDEN 2CM PRODUCT USED FOR? • Quick and easy dry installation on grass, sand, and gravel • Raised installation or pedestal systems requiring perfectly level flooring that allows rainwater to flow below the flooring • Temporary venue space for restaurants, events, and conferences • Seamless transitions from indoor to outdoor spaces • High traffic areas tradizionale.large sopraelevato-cavi.large GARDEN 2CM HAS ALL THE BENEFITS OF PORCELAIN PLUS… • Quick and easy to install • Removable and reusable (Ease of inspections) • Resistant to breaking loads (up to 2,000 lbs) • Self supporting
SBED11RG 3D Image of Thickness (Color: Slate)
scolo-acqua.large Typical installations include gardens, terraces, patios, entrance footpaths, pools, public parks, and high traffic industrial, urban, wellness, and hospitality spaces. Garden 2cm boasts multiple styles, textures, and colors. For the full variety, check out the pictures on our website hereor the datesheet here. white1_6.large light-gray5_lowres.large For installation tips on both flat surfaces and raised, please see the datasheet for Garden 2cm on our website here! Come into any of our 6 showrooms today to meet with a designer about your tile needs!

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