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The above backsplash shows off a unique way to useInLine K. Seriously, who doesn’t love diamonds?

We spent time the past couple weeks taking out our festive fall décor – decorating our tabletops, pulling out the inviting door wreaths, preparing our space for the gatherings and feasts that come with the season. Every year we enjoy taking the time to think about what decorations to put out. Do we want the same as last year or should we freshen it up a little? Or maybe the same decorations but different applications? We install them in our space, adjusting them until they are just “perfect”.

Tile selection is very similar. We want a certain look or to portray a certain message, and our “tile decorations” can be the vehicle to get us there. The first step is to select tile that feels right to you. From something as simple as selecting the color and size to fully bespoke tile tailored to your specifications — we have it all.

The above concept board is a fun blend ofInLine patterns, done in a festive watercolor glaze, W55.

Today we want to highlight one of our most beloved series at the moment, our InLine collection.

Let’s start by talking about what makes this tile so special. Each tile is manufactured from the ground up in the heart of Portland, Oregon ensuring a human touch on every single piece. From the moment the wet clay is cast into the desired pattern, fired in the kiln and has the glaze applied, to the time it is packaged and shipped, this tile has been handled by an entire team of skillful artisans. That cannot be said for many other tiles in the market. And because each tile is handmade, you can expect characteristics that we celebrate, such as slight variation in shade and color, creating an install where no two pieces are identical. How cool is that?

The pattern above, InLine H, in watercolor glaze W91. Notice how some areas are slightly darker than others? That is where this beautiful water-like glaze pools on the lower parts of the tile body, adding even more dimension to the tile.

The glaze selections range from an opaque matte to a fluid almost translucent watercolor glaze, all offered in neutrals and deeply saturated colors alike. Depending on what glaze is selected, the final look can vary from more of a consistent color to a color that has high range and depth.

Shown above are the watercolor glazes, the most popular option for this handmade collection. Want something with less variation? You can also choose from a variety of solid glossy or matte colors as well

When it comes to pattern options, this collection has us covered. There are 12 designs to select from and they can be mixed together to create a look unique to you (see the green board shown above), or you can select to use just one or two patterns to create an entirely different look. In addition to a variety of patterns, we can also be creative with tile layout to add another element to the overall tile design.

The fun ideas above showcase just a fraction of possibilities with theInLine collection. From top left we show the InLine H field tile in watercolor glaze W30; below that is the InLine A, watercolor glaze W96 done in a herringbone installation; in the middle is an excellent example of a satin glaze S13 shown on InLine patterns F&L; image on the right in the refreshing blue is another watercolor W63 shown on InLine pattern C.

Are you excited about this collection and ready to dream up great pattern and layout options? Us too! When it comes time to design, we love our handy selling tool shown below. This little “deck of cards” lets us play around with pattern placement, letting us flex our creativity a little more! It helps us translate our ideas into a visual reference for our clients.

Shown above is our “deck of cards” to help us communicate patterns and layout ideas. Such a great tool for our sales consultants when helping you decide on the best options for you.

Do you love InLine as much as we do? Interested in samples and want to discuss your project a little more? Come visit any of our five showrooms around the DC metro area.

Our friendly, knowledgeable staff is always happy to help advise on tile design. Visit one of ourDC, MD, or VA tile showrooms for a free tile design consultation.

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