It's Only Natural: AC's Glass Tile Collection

It's Only Natural: AC's Glass Tile Collection - Architessa

School's out for summer. The sun is shining. It's only natural that we all want to run for the Rehoboth beaches. Better yet, let's collect bits of sea glass off the beaches of southern Spain. In the meantime, here's one of Architectural Ceramic's own collections: Naturals. This glossy and matte glass tile brings the beach to your home without all the sand.

About Our Naturals Collection

AC's Naturals Collection, made of fused glass, has several features that make it a favorite among homeowners and DC-metro area designers alike:
  • various glass field tile and trim sizes, ranging from 3x6 to 6x24
  • 8 colors in soft, subtle hues inspired by nature
  • glossy or matte finishes
  • an in-stock item*
  • nonporous, antimicrobial material
Download a data sheet here of our Naturals Collection.
3x6 field tile color options, see Data Sheet for full collection offering
*Please note that while we try to keep quantities readily available, depending on demand, Architectural Ceramics may not have all colors and sizes in stock at all times.

Designer Spaces

Ocean, sea glass, cloud -- The names of our Naturals Collection are inspired by the beach. We can hear the crash of the waves in the blue ocean, feel the smooth surface of the pale green sea glass and see the off-white clouds stretch across the sky. For some, like the DC-based firms WNUK SPURLOCK & Quinn Evans Architects, their client's home is beach side. Inside and out, the home's design is modern and makes the most of the waterfront views.
Photo: Image by Bruce Damonte for WNUK SPURLOCK Architects, featuring AC's Naturals 3x6 glossy subway in Sea Glass
The kitchen backsplash makes a subtle splash with AC's Naturals 3x6 glossy sea glass subway tile. The pale green tile softens the hard edges of the modern look, yet ties in with the slick stainless appliances because of it's glossy finish. Another DC-metro area design firm, Aidan Design, focuses on kitchen and bath renovations. Here, the client's kitchen in their Maryland home brings back a bit of the beach with the use of our 6x12 glossy tile in Cotton.
Photo: Aidan Design, featuring AC's Naturals Collection 6x12 glossy field tile in Cotton
The creamy beige color of the backsplash reminds us of sand at the beach, that starts at the shoreline and rolls over the dunes. The color also blends well with the neutral counter top, creating a seamless transition from horizontal to vertical surfaces. The backsplash and cabinets create a calm and serene backdrop for layering in textures like the rattan barstools or honey-colored hardwood floors.
The creamy beige color of the field tile reminds us of sand at the beach, that starts at the shoreline and rolls over the dunes.
So far we've seen great kitchen applications for the 3x6 and 6x12 glossy tiles from our Naturals Collection, but what about other sizes and uses you ask?
Photo: Jesse Snyder Photography for Aidan Design, featuring AC's Naturals Collection 6x24 Cultured Brick (backsplash) and 3x6 glossy field (shower) in Sea Glass
Try mixing and matching sizes from the Naturals Collection, like the subway and cultured brick pattern. Here, the popular sea glass color does double duty in a bathroom setting. The 6x24 cultured brick pattern works nicely behind the vanity. Just like the mirrors above, the glossy and matte finish reflects light around the room. When catching a glimpse of what's reflected in the mirror, we find the 3x6 glossy subway tops off the shower walls. The monochromatic scheme, down to the vanity hardware, brings a sense of relaxation that's perfect for unwinding after a long day.

Care & Maintenance

There almost isn't any! As long as glass tile is installed correctly, it is a nonporous and antimicrobial material. Here are a few quick do's and don'ts when cleaning glass tile like our Naturals Collection:
  • Do wipe the glass tile clean with a damp towel or sponge, using a neutral non-abrasive cleanser
  • Don't use scouring pads like a Brillo or steel wool, they will scratch the surface of the glass
  • Don't default to Windex because you're cleaning glass, if you have unsealed white grout, it may turn blue over time
For a more detailed blog post about glass tile, read our entry The Layman's Class on Glass: Design & Installation Tips for Glass Tile

Coordinating Collections

Love our Naturals Collection, but also want to branch out a bit? Try looking to other Architectural Ceramics lines like our Brocade Collection.
Photo: Case Design, featuring AC's Brocade Oval
Here, AC's Brocade Collection makes a stunning backsplash. By mixing the same Cliff glass color from our Naturals Collection with Calacatta marble, the Brocade series in the Oval pattern marries a traditional and modern aesthetic.
Photo: AC's Brocade Oval via
The Brocade Collection's Oval mosaic is a water-jet, mesh-mounted mosaic, making it easier to install than other mosaics out there. While the glass in this interlocking pattern will be consistent in color, the marble will vary slightly from sheet to sheet in veining and color. To see more of our Brocade Collection, visit the Brocade product page of our website. For further questions about our Naturals Collection, or to place a tile order, please contact Want weekly updates about Architectural Ceramics and our product lines? Join our newsletterhere.

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