Just Enough Tile is Not Enough Tile

Tile Overage

You've measured your project space and know your total square footage, but there's more to ordering tile than an accurate take-off. Ordering the bare minimum to cover your square footage is a recipe for disaster. The recommended overage or waste amount for tile is 20% to 30% depending a number of factors.

Make sure you have enough tile to cover your needs by considering the top reasons why extra tile can come in handy.

Calculate Area

The first step in knowing the right amount of tile to order is accurately measuring your project area. Chunk floor or wall space into rectangles to ensure you're covering every inch of space.

Consider Breakage

It is not uncommon for any given box of tile to contain pieces with chips or cracks. Usually these pieces can be used for cuts, areas where only a part of the tile is required such as against walls or under cabinets.

Tile breakage can also occur during installation or after your project has already been completed. It's a great idea to have some extra boxes on hand after installation for repairs. Ordering overage tiles up front means you won't have to worry about finding a matching lot or worrying over the possibility of discontinued products.

Widen your Selection

Each tile is varied and unique, especially when dealing with natural stone or custom ceramics. Ordering extra tile will allow for more generous options so you can tailor your design exactly to your preference.

Cuts and Trims

Not every nook and cranny of your project space will need a full size tile; more often than not you will need to make cuts to complete your install. This is where ordering to cover tile waste comes in to play. You may lose up to 50% of tile square footage in tight spaces like along walls or under cabinets.

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