Made By Moms, For Moms: Tiled Spaces with a Feminine Touch

Made By Moms, For Moms: Tiled Spaces with a Feminine Touch - Architessa

For a lot of mom's, a simple gesture like a hand-made card, breakfast in bed, or a bouquet of flowers means a lot on Mother's Day. But what about when she simply wants to get away to pamper herself in a feminine space? Claire from the show Modern Family wanted to create her own 'she-shack' in the backyard, but Phil won out with a batting cage. Well, sorry men, this blog post isn't for you. Ladies, let's focus on spaces designed by moms for moms. We're celebrating Mom by featuring spaces and tile that have woman's touch.

Calming and Classic

Stuart Nordin, owner of Stuart Nordin Home & Design located in Alexandria, Virginia, is a mother of three young boys and knows what it's like to balance it all. As a full-time mom, interior designer, and shop owner, she craves organization and a sense of calm in her daily routine and her design aesthetic.
Kitchen design by Stuart Nordin Home & Design featuring ACI backsplash tile, photographed by Matthew Kleinrock.
"I started my business when my first son was six months old," Nordin says. "It allowed me to control my own schedule and work around my baby. It wasn't easy to juggle everything then, and it still isn't now with three boys, but I have found that being organized is the key to success."
Kitchen design by Stuart Nordin Home & Design featuring ACI backsplash tile, photographed by Matthew Kleinrock.
When designing her client's kitchen, shown here, the key was to keep it clean and to make it last. As a mother, Nordin designs for her clients the same way she would design for herself.
"Beautiful, Simple, Clean, Organized and Durable- those are the words I would use to describe my designs for families and for myself." -Stuart Nordin
Tile details via
The backsplash, done in a gloss white 4"x6" field tile from our vendor Pratt & Larson, available as a special order item through us, is in keeping with the clean and simple feel for the kitchen. Isn't that what most mothers crave on Mother's Day, a simple and stress-free day? While your husband or kids warm up breakfast for you, the cabinetry and hardwood floors in this kitchen warm up the otherwise white tile backsplash and quartz countertops. The red and white floral valance adds just the right touch of femininity, and helps to soften the contrast between the dark and light surfaces.

She Sells Sea Shells...

With a focus on kitchen design, Aidan Design is a firm that is passionate about design, people, and food. Nadia Subaran co-founded the design firm based in Silver Spring, Maryland with her husband, John Schmiedigen. Nadia enjoys collaborating in kitchen and bathroom designs with her staff and clients, tailoring each project to her clients' particular needs. She also enjoys spending time cooking in her own kitchen with her husband, two daughters, and two German Shepherds.
Design and photo credit via Aidan Design, featuring AC's Estreslla shell mosaic backsplash
ACI's Estrella Grande oval shell mosaic
Pictured above, the 2012 DC Design House features Aidan Design's work, and Architectural Ceramic's mother-of-pearl oval mosaic. The counter tops are done in mother-of-pearl quartzite. This glossy shell mosaic takes an otherwise masculine kitchen and gives it a womanly touch. To view this, or other shell mosaics, visit one of our DC-metro area showroom locations.

Fresh and Floral

What better way to treat yourself and clear your head as a mom, than by spending time in a crisp and clean master bathroom. Designer Mary Douglas Drysdale, whose firm is based in DC, treated her client to a space of ease and luxury because Drysdale thought through each aspect of the design's form and function.
Masterbath design by Mary Douglas Drysdale; images via Kendall Photography
After designing the space, Drysdale recalls, " It was a wonderful experience, I was allowed a lot of liberty with the overall plan. The ceiling height was 10 feet, so dimension with the elegance of white created a spacious and elegant ambiance." The white vanity was designed by Drysdale herself, but other elements like the starburst mirror came from Baker Furniture, and the all bathroom fixtures and plumbing came by way of DXV for American Standard.
Shower and water closet design by Mary Douglas Drysdale, featuring ACI's Estrella Grande mosaic
"The master bathroom has become one of the most important rooms in the house. Do it right and make it beautiful." -Mary Douglas Drysdale
In the shower area, Architectural Ceramic's Estrella Grande tile mosaic was used. The white stone and clear glass floral pattern gives a feminine feel without using a stereotypical color like bright pink. We know that the mosaic in the master bath shower is beautiful, but the aesthetic and function don't stop there. Drysdale also used the floral mosaic.
Shower and water closet design by Mary Douglas Drysdale, featuring ACI's Estrella Grande mosaicin the master bathroom's water closet.
"Make sure that it is beautiful, but full of utility," Drysdale continues, "plan every function so that there is a place for everything and everything can be put in its place." If form follows function, then it's appropriate that the water closet includes a spot to store reading materials and toilet paper in an organized and graphically pleasing way. To view this, or other water-jet mosaics, visit one of our DC-metro area showroom locations.

Patterned and Pampered

Spoiler alert, when Moms want to spoil themselves on Mother's Day with a little me time, we're sensing a theme: in-home baths that are spa-like retreats. This master bathroom is no exception. Eye-catching and a place to catch some rest and relaxation, this master bathroom would give any mom a playful yet peaceful place to spoil herself. Designer Melissa Broffman, of Melissa Broffman Interior Design, located in Arlington, Virginia played to her strengths with design, but also to the client's personal style. Together, they achieved a fun and feminine space.
Master bathroom featuring ACI wood-look floor tile, design by Melissa Broffman Interior Design
We know this blog is about tile, but we can't not talk about this wallpaper. Broffman uses pattern in a whimsical and sophisticated way. The main space features a blue and grey tiger-like print, while the water closet uses a grey painterly print. The unconventional mix of a Chinoiserie-inspired wallpaper with a tribal one is unexpected but blends.
Master bathroom featuring ACI tile, design by Melissa Broffman Interior Design
The color palette of the wallpaper isn't the only element that unifies the overall space. The floor, a wood-look porcelain plank tile from our Wood Replica Collection, continues from the main area into the water closet. The 6"x36" field tile in the color Brown Flax warms the cooler tones on the walls. To view more color options from the Wood Replica Collection, download a Data Sheet here. To search other wood-look porcelain options available with Architectural Ceramics, try the Wood-Look filter on our website. From parquet to herringbone and barn wood to tree bark, we have an option that blends with any design aesthetic. The walls of the luxurious walk-in shower are done in an elongated subway tile. For a similar look, try our City Hall Collection. To view the entire rane of simple white field tiles, trims, and mosaics, download the Data Sheet here.

A Feminine Farmhouse

Wendy Danziger, a mother and grandmother, loves design but the true loves of her life are her family and eight year old granddaughter. Danziger Design, based in Bethesda, Maryland creates spaces in private homes throughout Maryland, Virginia and the DC-metropolitan area.
Farmhouse office space by Danziger Design, LLC; image by J.W. Smith Photography
Danziger's relationship with her family is important to her, but so are the relationships she creates while working with her clients. Here, Danziger and her young clients renovated a 300-year old farm house in Chevy Chase, Maryland. The property also featured a newly restored barn that served as the couple's wedding venue.
"I love the warmth that we brought to a very old house, we were able to incorporate the needs of a young couple and maintain the history and integrity of the home." -Wendy Danziger
One room that had us saying 'I do' love that look, is the feminine workspace. Shown above, what woman wouldn't enjoy working in such a feminine and subtly designed space. While the floors aren't tile, we can still appreciate the beauty in the original reclaimed wide-plank floors that warm an otherwise blank slate. But look closely, the wallpaper repeats a lace-like cream and white damask pattern. The room's other aspects add to the womanly feel; where the chandelier reminds us of a statement piece of jewelry, and the pair of purple velvet chairs are like a pair of high heeled shoes.
Farmhouse master bedroom by Danziger Design, LLC; image by J.W. Smith Photography
In the young client's bedroom, the wide-plank hardwood floors continue, along with feminine touches throughout the room. The dark wood bed fit for a queen draws your attention and anchors the space, but is also softened by its surroundings. Danziger layered in softness through texture with a large area rug and accent pillows, and also through color and lighting with a painted antique dresser and delicate chandelier. "Lighting and some other things that one does in a quirky place like this are challenging," Danziger says of the farmhouse, "but once you find a solution, it's so incredibly rewarding." When it comes to pampering yourself on Mother's Day, just like the bedroom, Danziger advises using softness in the bathroom too. "Fill your bathtub with candles, the room with soft music and pretend that you are in the very best spa in the most romantic town." For this young couple, that romantic town may be where they honeymooned.

Bubbly and Bold

There's no doubt moms love their kids, but some moms also love to relax with a tall glass of wine on Mother's Day. This next female-focused space was created to do just that. We won't ask you to pick your favorite kid, but what's your favorite kind of wine: red, white, rosé or sparkling?
Wine room for the 2014 DC Design House, image and design by Victoria Sanchez at Home
Alexandria, Virginia based designer Victoria Sanchez, of Victoria Sanchez At Home, knows what it's like to handle being a mother, shop owner and interior designer. After a long day, she may have a glass of wine in hand.
ACI's Calacatta Chablis herringbone mosaic
Pictured above, is Sanchez's design for the 2014 DC Design House for a family and wine room combo. Here, the tall ceilings allow for custom cabinetry done in a dark blue stain. The lighting fixture and rustic table warm the space. The flooring, done in Architectural Ceramic's polished marble herringbone from our Calacatta Chablis Collection adds a bit of femininity and sparkle to the space. To view the full collection, download a Data Sheet here.
Wine room for the 2014 DC Design House, image and design by Victoria Sanchez at Home
While we wish we could have popped open a bottle of sparkling wine for some girl talk with Sanchez, her interior design portfolio and shop say it all. Treating yourself to an overall renovation isn't always an option. Sometimes on Mother's Day, a little retail therapy is all you need. Victoria Sanchez At Home has a shop that you can browse on her website, or better yet, visit her store front located at 1125 King Street in Old Town Alexandria. From leopard print pillows to apothecary jars, you'll find the perfect accessory to complete your space and make you smile.
Guest bath, image and design by Victoria Sanchez at Home
If wine isn't your thing, but you still enjoy a pop of color, Sanchez's guest bathroom renovation has you covered. Here, the walls are covered in a vibrant and oh so feminine orange and pink wallpaper. The mirror is the perfect compliment to help energize the space and your morning routine. The tile in the shower area features Architectural Ceramic's Basics Collection in the 3"x6" subway. The white tile used floor to ceiling like the wallpaper draws your eye upward, but still allows the colorful paper to be the star in the space. To view our full Basics Collection, download a Data Sheet here.
12"x12" Field Tile*
The floors are done in our Bianco Carrara Collection, using the 12"x12" field tile. Here, Sanchez's choice to use natural stone plays well with the natural block print repeat of the wallpaper. The veining adds to the overall whimsical feel of the room. A diverse collection, this grey-toned natural stone is available in a variety of finishes, field sizes, and mosaics.

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