Making a Statement with Shower Accent Walls

Making a Statement with Shower Accent Walls - Architessa

Trends. They come and they go. Watch any interior design show on HGTV or DIY Network, and an open concept layout is in. We know what's hot when it comes to your main floor's kitchen and entertaining spaces, but what about a space that is a bit more private: your bathroom. One bathroom trend that's always sure to make a statement, is the use of an accent wall in the shower. Here, Architectural Ceramics highlights three projects that showcase showers in a big way.

Going Geometric

Let's kill two trendy birds with one stone: an accent wall in a chevron mosaic. Herringbone, arabesque, chevron -- Geometric tile patterns have long been in style. Here, a chevron accent wall sets the stage for a luxurious space.
Photo: Master bath designed by Chase Builders, photo via AC on Houzz
The master bath, designed by Chase Builders, is a trendy yet timeless space. Their restrained use of the chevron pattern takes it from gimmicky to classy.
Photo: AC's Brocade Collection, featuring the Chevron Mosaic in thassos and cararra polished marble, photo via AC on Houzz
The shower accent features AC's Brocade Collection, in the Chevron Mosaic stone mix. The polished white thassos and grey cararra marbles give a lux feel to the design. The frameless floor to ceiling glass shower doors echo the height of tile wall, and add to the grand affect.

Moody & Modern

Alright, so the trend is accent walls in the shower, but who says it can't extend beyond the shower itself? Here, a wet wall extends from behind the vanity and toilet, into the shower space. It not only provides function, but makes a stylish statement.
Photo: Guest bathroom designed by Holland Bath & Spa, featuring 1x3 glass from AC's Suite series, color Mica; photo via Architectural Ceramics
The guest bathroom was designed in collaboration by Davis Holland Leichsenring of Holland Bath & Spa and AC's Bethesda showroom designer, Marianna Ouzdanova. Together, they achieved a careful and subtle balance with their design that leaves a lasting impression, even if making the selections was a quick process. " It was fun working with Davis on this project." Ouzdanova says of the DC-metro area spec house, "We designed all the bathrooms in an hour. Once we knew the style it was easy to finalize the selections."
Photo: Accent wall in AC's Suites series, color Mica; 12x24 tile in AC's Walkover collection, color Perle; shower bench and linear drain from Holland Spa & Bath
The tile mosaic that grabs your attention, is AC's Suite series, in the color Mica. The special order straight-stack 1x3 glass tiles changes color as the sun shifts throughout the day. Shifting from behind the vanity into the shower, the glass accent wall contrasts the rest of the space. Where the glass tile is dark and small, the 12x24 tile from our Walkover Collection in the color Perle, is large and light. The glass adds a sleekness to the space, but the large-format porcelain tiles soften the other walls because of their fabric-like texture. "I love the style and texture, especially for the contemporary installation," Ouzdanova says.
"I love the style and texture, especially for the contemporary installation." -- Marianna Ouzdanova, Bethesda Senior Designer and Million Dollar Seller's Club Member
A touch of metal fits in with the contemporary design. The shower bench designed by Leichsenring, and the linear drain, are available from Holland Spa & Bath. Visit HS&B's homepage, and you'll find a quick video that gives a glimpse of how the shower bench is installed.

An Asian-Inspired Oasis

From geometric to textural, and textural to dimensional; accent shower walls come in all shapes and sizes. Here, a master bath renovation takes on a dimensional quality and takes us on a trip across the globe.
Photo: Image by Bob Narod, Photographer, LLC for Jennifer Gilmer Kitchen & Bath; features AC's Island Stone line and stock porcelain Craig Castle
Designed by Jennifer Gilmer Kitchen & Bath, the Asian-inspired look starts with the bold dimensional wall tile. Featuring AC's Island Stone line, the Crescent V-Tile series in the color Sutra Black takes on multiple personalities. To one person, it looks like bamboo shoots, and to another, it reminds them of falling water. This natural stone product has a matte finish that along with the highs and lows of the tile, results in a play of light and shadow.
Photo: Image by Bob Narod, Photographer, LLC for Jennifer Gilmer Kitchen & Bath; features AC's Island Stone line and stock porcelain Craig Castle
Because the accent tile extends from wall to wall, it challenges a traditional glass door shower installation, and instead creates a wet area that includes the tub. The adjacent wall in the shower features AC's 6x36 stock porcelain tile, from our Craig Castle collection. The color White Sugar has a lapatto or polished finish that contrasts the matte finish of the accent wall. The floor also uses the 6x36 porcelain, but in a natural or matte finish to avoid slipping. Like the spec house in Bethesda, this master bath plays with contrast and texture. Layering in warm wood tones and brass fixtures adds texture to the highly contrasting wall tile.
Photo: Image by Bob Narod, Photographer, LLC for Jennifer Gilmer Kitchen & Bath; features AC's Island Stone line and stock porcelain Craig Castle
Jennifer Gilmer Kitchen & Bath left no stone unturned in her Asian-inspired design, down to the smaller details like using AC's Perfect Pebble as a bath mat next to the tub. While the accent wall makes the biggest impact, the smaller details like the shoji screen sliding door round out the look.

Find Your Niche

Photo: Shower niche featuring Island Stone Perfect Pebble in French Tan
Can't commit to an entire wall? Try accenting a smaller area of your shower: the niche. That's right, your shampoo and conditioner bottles will thank you. Here, AC's Island Stone line features the Perfect Pebble series in the color French Tan. This special order rounded pebble tile comes pre-assembled on a mesh backing, where the edges of the matte stones fit together like a puzzle. To see other Perfect Pebble color options, visit our website. For further questions about accent tile, or to place a tile order, please contact Want weekly updates about Architectural Ceramics and our product lines? Join our newsletterhere.

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