Summer Blockbusters: New AC Tile Collections

Summer Blockbusters: New AC Tile Collections - Architessa

Lights, camera, action! Just like movies released this time of year hope to be the blockbuster hit of the summer, Architectural Ceramics recently launched a few new tile collections that we hope will be a hit among clients like you. From drama and romance, to action and comedy, the movie industry and AC have something for everyone. Check out our main features, along with a sneak peak at other collections coming to an Architectural Ceramics showroom near you:


With our Adele Collection, we marry a traditional aesthetic with a modern ease of care. This porcelain tile made to look like hand-painted cement has a flare for the dramatic that will grab the attention of any room. We know a female vocalist who can do the same.
AC's Adele Collection used as a kitchen floor, in the color Soul.
Each 8"x8" field tile is printed with one of three patterns, and each pattern repeat is recognized best as a set of four to twelve tiles. The Adele Collection is a great option for anyone looking for a traditional style in today's modern society. We're all busy with work and / or kids. It can be hard to find time for a date night like dinner and a movie. This porcelain collection is a no-muss, no-fuss option that is easy to care for. "Hello, it's me," a non-porous tile option. It's also an easier option on the wallet than its cement counterpart. For more details about our Adele Collection, download a Data Sheet here.


Named after the beaches of Amelia Island off the east coast of Florida, our Amelia Collection features a soft texture and limestone look, with the durability of a 12"x24" porcelain field tile.
AC's Amelia Collection, featured in a bathroom, in the colors Beige and Ivory.
We all have a beloved movie that reminds us of the beach, be it the 1975 unexpected blockbuster hit Jaws, or the 1988 tear-jerker named Beaches. Some times you just need a good scare or cry. When it comes to tile renovations, we never get tired of looks that bring home a bit of the beach. Soft and sandy yet clean and crisp, the bathroom renovation shown above, used the Ivory and Beige colors from the Amelia Collection to delineate the different areas of the room. The Ivory tile, for example, blends well with the toilet and the floating white vanity's marble countertop. For more inspiration or technical information from our Amelia Collection, download a Data Sheet here.

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Back in 1985 when AC was founded, Back to the Future was the largest grossing action film of the summer. Flash forward to today, while cars can't fly, they can drive themselves. Maybe to fly, we need more Plutonium. For a fast-paced feel, or to add some tile to your next renovation that packs a punch, consider our Atomic Collection. This collection blends fiery pops of color with glossy glazes on a porcelain brick body.
AC's Atomic Collection used as a kitchen backsplash, in the color Carbon.
The kitchen backsplash shown above, features the 2-1/2"x8" field size in the color Carbon. The result is very mid-century modern and masculine. The fireplace surround pictured below, uses the same field tile size, but this time in the bold yellow color called Iron.
AC's Atomic Collection used as a fireplace surround, in the color Iron.
The other colors in the collection; Lithium, Xenon and Krypton, provide cooler hues in ivory, blue and green. The way any of the five glazes pool and highlight the crackle finish on the face of the tile, gives this collection a radioactive glow. To view our entire Atomic Collection, including field sizes, trims, and mosaic blends, download a Data Sheet here.

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In the 1996 movie Fargo set in North Dakota, actress Francis McDormand portrays her character Marge Gunderson as a police chief whose catch phrases are a little rough around the edges, "don'tcha know." The 'dramedy', written and directed by the Cohen brothers, brings together two unlikely genres: a murder mystery and comedy. Our Dakota Collection brings together two ends of the design spectrum: rustic and modern. The organic edge adds character to an otherwise clean-lined ceramic subway tile.
AC's Dakota Collection used as a backsplash, in the color Oasis.
Available in two field sizes, 2"x8-1/2" or 3"x9", the tiles could be used in combination with one another or on their own. Pictured above, the 3"x9" field tile in the color Oasis was installed as a bathroom backsplash in a herringbone pattern. The subtle variation in the tile's edge and the traditional pattern contrast the modern sink and vanity countertop. "Oh geez." The collection features a total of eight subtle color options. From the crisp white color Tundra, to the dark and moody color Abyss, the Dakota Collection blends well with several design styles. We think Marge would agree, "you're darn tootin'." To view the full range of color options available from our Dakota Collection, download a Data Sheet here.

Sneak Peaks

Black and white, technicolor, computer generated imagery -- Movie graphics have come a long way. The same can be said of porcelain tile. We know now from previously mentioned collections, that high definition printing allows porcelain tile to mimic other types of materials. Here, AC gives you a sneak peak at three porcelain tile collections, that are summer additions to our website, and are coming to an AC showroom near you: New York:Hit the ground running with this large format porcelain collection made to look like the concrete jungle itself. Spirit: This collection can bring warmth and soul to a space with its hardwood plank look. Washington: Inspired by monuments on the DC mall, this collection features a directional marble look. For further questions about the tile featured here, or to place a tile order, please contact Want weekly updates about Architectural Ceramics and our product lines? Join our newsletter here.

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