The Tile Family

Architectural Ceramics is a unique company for many reasons, one of which is our family! We are a family-owned and operated company. Larry Sullivan, my dad, founded the company in 1983, 30 years ago! We were filming an About Us video a couple weeks ago and we got the whole family together for the shoot. It got me thinking about how grateful I am to work with my family and how much fun it can be! We always have such a great time when we all get together to work OR just hang out. It made me want to share this 'family' piece of our company with you. Along with everyone's favorite tile of course! I think it's interesting to see the differences in each of our tastes. family Betty Sullivan  President and CEOBetty Sullivan, CEO, My Mother Benefits of Working @ ACI: Seeing product we designed or selected installed! Favorite Part of Working with Family:Impromptu lunches with family. Seeing her kids mature and become professionals. Favorite Tile: Our new series, Lines Fun Fact: She enjoys staying ahead of the curve in tile style and trends. Listening to Larry get excited about a new tile that he discovered and we had to have. During Katrina when the front desk was fielding the calls from the victims and the warehouse guys were delivering furniture at night. That was real teamwork. _______________________________________________________________ David Benson  Vice President of SalesDavid Benson, VP Sales, My Brother Benefits of Working @ ACI: New product everyday! Favorite Part of Working with Family:Working hard to sustain and support the family. Favorite Tile: New Ravenna Silk Road Fun Fact:Dave, his wife, and I were all cheerleaders in college together. _______________________________________________________________ Christina Ginn  Vice President of Product, Marketing and IT Christina Ginn, VP Marketing, Product, IT Benefits of Working @ ACI: I feel like I'm apart of something bigger than myself. Favorite Part of Working with Family:Getting to talk to family everyday, growing closer, and keeping in touch. Favorite Tile: Devotion Cathedral and Wood Replica's 9 Piece Pattern Fun Fact:I have a 10 month old baby who is so adorable. _______________________________________________________________ photo Shane O'Donnell, Warehouse Manager, My Brother-in-Law Benefits of Working @ ACI: Working with family and having that feeling like everyone is part of it. Favorite Part of Working with Family:Going out for surprise family lunches. Favorite Tile: Wood Replica Grey Pepper mixed with Calacatta Gold Marble Fun Fact:He's a closet Harry Potter fan. P.S. This photo was taken at Universal Studios in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. _______________________________________________________________ diannaDianna Sullivan, Stock & International Purchasing, My Sister Benefits of Working @ ACI: Working from home and working with family. Favorite Part of Working with Family:Open communication, working towards a common family oriented goal. Favorite Tile: Wood Replica Fun Fact: She wants to learn Chinese and Italian so she can improve relationships with international vendors. _______________________________________________________________ lisa Lisa O'Donnell, Corporate Trainer, My Sister Benefits of Working @ ACI: Love being with the family and continuing our legacy. Favorite Part of Working with Family:Everyday can turn in to a family lunch or mom and daughter time. Favorite Tile: Artistic Tile Zebrano Stone Fun Fact:She wants to be a science fiction writer when she grows up. _______________________________________________________________ picture Anna Benson, Marketing, My Sister-in-Law Benefits of Working @ ACI: Working from home. Favorite Part of Working with Family:It makes me want to work harder knowing that my work affects not just me, but many of the people I love and care about. Favorite Tile: Calacatta Gold Marble Fun Fact:Same as Dave's :) _______________________________________________________________ Tile Photos of Family Favorites: 1) Lines (Betty) Lines Tuscan 2) Silk Road (David) Marabel Stone Mosaic 3) Wood Replica's 9 Pc Pattern (Christina, Shane, Dianna) - This is tile not wood! 9 pc pattern 4) Devotion Cathedral (Christina) 5) Zebrano (Lisa) 6) Calacatta Gold Marble (Anna & Shane) Calacata

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