Tile Pavers for the Summer and Beyond

Tile Pavers for the Summer and Beyond


Summer is in full swing and we are spending more time enjoying the great outdoors with friends and family in our homes. While we are all trying to stay on top of the updates needed to maintain our investments, many times we don’t put as much focus into our outdoor areas and have trouble thinking outside of our “normal.” When imagining the grill fired up, lounging by the pool, or enjoying fresh iced tea on the deck or patio, we are picturing a wood, composite deck, concrete or even grass. How many of you are picturing  porcelain pavers that look exactly like natural stone or wood?

Porcelain pavers entered the U.S. market after the year 2000 and are considered a relatively new product category in the tile arena. Pavers are twice as thick (20mm), as standard tile which is typically 8-10mm thick. For those of you who might be thinking, "why can’t I put any matte or natural finish porcelain outside?" Technically speaking you can. However, it’s best to use standard thickness tile in a covered area that will not get wet. At Architessa, we group the  covered patio collections separately for this reason.


The benefits of these beauties go on and on, but just to name a few:

  • Easy to clean and maintain – no sealing.
  • Higher slip resistance.
  • Resistant to stains, moss, mold, salts, frost, scratches, fading and thermal shock.
  • Eco-friendly.
  • When installed over reinforced concrete, they can be used for residential driveways.


I bet you are already picturing it and I haven’t even mentioned how easy they are to install. Check out our  comprehensive installation guide for specific details, but here is quick list:

  1. Dry Laying
    1. On Grass
    2. On Gravel
    3. On Sand
  2. Over Concrete
  3. On Decking
  4. Raised with  risers to allow for proper drainage and movement

Dry laying just makes everything so easy and affordable. This method reduces adhesives cost, makes the pavers reusable, gets them down quickly and lets you move on with the grillin’.

If you need a surface that can withstand light vehicular traffic with long term durability, then installing over reinforced concrete might be the answer to your next project.  

As for decking, can you imagine never having to stain boards again or have screws, nails and splinters cause problems on your Sunday afternoon? With porcelain pavers on your deck you get durability, luxury and ant-slip – all in one eco-friendly product.

Installing using risers, like  Dynamex Rise-It can help level off uneven surfaces, allows for water drainage and to hide wires, pipes, etc. under the floors, reduces labor costs and materials because it’s easy and doesn’t require adhesives. This type of installation is great for rooftop decks, balconies and any space where you do not want a permanent installation and need to be able to access what is underneath from time to time.  

With porcelain pavers you are only limited by your imagination. You can see our   Collections have hundreds of options to fit any style or design. They come in a range of sizes from 9”x9” to 24”x48,” including trim pieces for stairs and pools. Porcelain pavers also come in a variety of looks and colors including,  bluestone,  travertine,  quartzite,  flagstone,  slate,  concrete and even  wood. Another added feature is some collections have a matching products in a standard thickness tile to create a seamless floor transition from inside to out, like our  Aristocrat 2.0.  There really is something for everyone!

For ideas on your next outdoor oasis, check our our  Inspiration Board. 


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Kimberly Hubert-Mejia

Kimberly started in the design industry 22 years ago and specializes in the design center experience. Having worked with national production builders and regional custom builders design centers, kitchen and bath design showrooms, and international tile manufacturers, she has been able to experience all facets of the building and design process. Flooring, and more specifically tile, always kept her heart in the game. She loved the history, creativity and one of a kind creations that could be created with tile specific to what the client’s needs and style determined. Kimberly is now our Regional Residential Sales Manager who manages our showrooms in Virginia, Maryland and DC.





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