Week of April 27, 2020 – Outer Space

Week of April 27, 2020 – Outer Space - Architessa

Top 5 Design Posts of the Week

Last week we celebrated Earth Day, but now we turn our attention skyward to draw some inspiration from the cosmos. From stars and comets to rockets and astronauts, there’s a lot to see! Check out this week’s Top 5 Design blog for some truly out of this world design ideas.

1. Modern Even for the Jetsons

A New Exhibit Brings Southern California’s Modernist Homes Into the Moonlight, Architectural Digest

This early, 21st century home was truly ahead of its time terms of Architectural design. The unique umbrella-like roofing offers a unique fluidity that is innovative against the Southern California dry climate. Not only does this offer ample shade to environment but provides a modern, galactic exterior. Browse through to see more homes fit for The Jetson’s.

2. An Abode for Stars to Shine

None More Black: Behold Asif Khan’s Vantablack Olympic Pavilion, Azure

Painted in vantablack and symbolic of outer space’s abyss, this Olympic pavilion challenges spectators’ abilities to discern its smooth shape, edges, and contour. It demonstrates the utility that color plays in design and provides a direct line into the creativity of the designer. Check it out to see why this pavilion is a marvel for the design world.

3. No Milky Ways on this Menu

Planetarium-style ceiling arches over diners inside Copenhagen’s Alchemist restaurant, Dezeen

Located in the gastronomic capital of Scandinavia’s Copenhagen, this restaurant calls on all aspects of the design process to create a one-of-a-kind dining experience. From the three-meter-high bronze entrance that commemorates Copenhagen’s industrial past to the sliding partition wall that emphasizes Danish innovation, you won’t want to miss this.

4. The Cosmic Effect

Trending: The Cosmos, living etc

Inspired by the extraterrestrial, this inviting space utilizes a more contemporary look through its blend of colors and textures. Browse through this collection of cosmic-inspired pieces that will surely offer some design inspiration. Keep an eye out for our Astronomy stone mosaic from New Ravenna!

5. Stargazing in the Heartland

A Contemporary Chicago Home with a Standout Central Atrium, luxe

Located in the Chicago’s metropolitan area, this home is furnished with beautifully staged contemporary décor. However, the aesthetic doesn’t end there, it is completed with a state-of-the-art modern atrium that is perfect for stargazing in the Chicago night sky. Check out more to see why.

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